Things to Know About the Electrical Installation

Things to Know About the Electrical Installation

Electrical installation includes installation of wiring and cabling of several devices such as distribution boards, switches, light fittings, sockets and lots of other electrical attachments or components. It is mandatory to maintain the safety standards while installation. Especially you need to choose the circuit according to the voltage output. Apart from the circuits, you may need to install new switchboard, wires cables and you may need to conceal the electrical wirings. All you need to hire an electrical installer and an electrician can easily complete these tasks with his advanced tools and techniques.

Things to check while electrical installation

Before and even after electrical installation there are few things and some of the important factors related to the electrical installation are stated below:

  • While installation near the distribution board there a label should be kept that would remind about the upcoming inspection date. It is important to keep in mind the date and arrange for electricians well in advance for the upcoming installation or inspection. The electricians also give an Electrical Installation Condition Report after concluding the inspection.
  • The RCD (residual current device) should be tested at an interval of 3 months from the time of installation. It is mandatory to make sure all the essential electrical devices must be shut down before doing this inspection. A licensed and professional electrician can only do this inspection with all safety measurements.
  • The switches and the sockets should be checked at regular intervals to detect overheating, cracks and damage. Even if a minor crack is detected it is essential to get in touch with the electrician immediately. So, the electrician can replace the damaged socket with a new one on an immediate basis. Apart from that, the sockets should be checked whether there is any overloading with the help of extension leads or gang plugs.
  • The luminaries should be checked, and the defective ones should be replaced. The lamps should be checked for any kind of discoloration especially for the fluorescent lamps. But, you can also install the lighting system by yourself and you do not need to call an electrician for this purpose. But if you find any exposed wiring from your lighting system then you must call an electrician to fix them.

Common types of electricians

Electrical Installation

Electrical installation is usually done by trained and qualified technicians. You can find different types of electricians available in the market and they are segregated according to their specializations only. So you need to choose them according to your specific requirement.

  • Inside electricians: The technicians who fall under this category usually work for a specific type of factory or business. They usually take care of the repair and maintenance of the electrical systems, equipment and motors. They usually assist in installation and upgradation of the entire wiring system. They are usually employed by the licensed electrical contractors.
  • Residential electricians: They usually work for residential buildings and commonly work on troubleshooting power and wiring issues along with electrical systems in new constructions. They usually work for either electrical contractors or construction companies.
  • Telecommunication electricians: They usually work for installation or repair of the cable systems used for the communication system such as LAN wiring or phone. They can work under the government contractor or they can be hired for some specific business houses such as telecommunication services and data-cable companies.

Proper installation of the electrical wiring is one of the essential things that should be perfect for the safety of the household. There are a few rules and regulations that should be followed while installation. So, it is better to hire a professional electrical installation service to complete your project and they can also provide you limited warranty on their installation services.

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