Things To Know About Opening A Playschool In India

Things To Know About Opening A Playschool In India

Playschools have become immensely popular today. In fact, this is one of the few business ventures wherein it is easy to break-even and start earning a profit. Thus today more and more people are venturing into the field and how to open play school, is a question which every person wanting to cash in on the popularity of the play school, wants to know.

There are two ways by which a playschool can be opened. One is by opening a self-owned playschool and the other is by opening a playschool franchise of a reputed pre-school or nursery franchise. The processes involved in both are mostly the same but by virtue of using the brand of a well-known preschool; a playschool franchise tends to gain an instantaneous advantage where visibility, trust and recognition are concerned.

Opening up a playschool franchise also becomes easy since there is guidance available at every step in the initial stages. While, in a self-owned playschool there is complete autonomy and freedom to do whatever one wants to, it is for the entrepreneur, who wants to open the playschool, to decide whether he wants to open a self-owned one or a Montessori Franchise.

There are certain requirements which are common to both and they pertain to:

  • Legal requirements: Even though there are no central laws which govern the opening of a playschool, there might be some state laws which need to be taken into consideration. It is also important to have a talk with a chartered accountant regarding:
    • The applicability of labour laws and
    • The service tax liabilities.
  • Finding a name: This point is only applicable to people who want to open their own playschools. People opting for a Montessori Franchise generally take the name of the franchisor playschool so that they can take advantage of the brand and its reputation. The name of the playschool needs to be one which is crisp, efficient and catchy so that it is able to convey what it stands for immediately.
  • Location and infrastructure: Finding a good location, preferably one wherein there are no playschools in the near vicinity is an absolute must since it plays a role in the success of the same. For people who have space to spare, knowing how to open play school helps to monetize the space but for others the space needs to be rented and the formalities for the same completed. The infrastructure with regards to the apparatus and equipments also needs to looked into and purchased.
  • Business plan: It is very important to have a business plan in place. This also helps to get finances from well-known financial institutions like banks, venture capitalists etc. The business plan should essentially include:
    • Total budget, its funding, allocation and recovery,
    • Marketing strategies,
    • Goals and vision,
    • A feasible and achievable detailed project report etc.
  • Manpower: This includes selecting and employing both teaching and non-teaching staff as well as security personnel and any other support staff as may be required.

Only after all of the above criteria are met and looked into can the playschool or franchise opened commence its operations.

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