Things to do in Morocco this November

Things to do in Morocco this November

Hello guys, It’s October and you all might have planned for the winter Vacations. You have the opportunities to get away on the Halloween occasion or on Christmas which is late, and also in November. I can share with you my experiences with the wonderful holiday destination on earth, maybe you will like the place and will remember me with your memories while exploring the place. Winter Holidays in Morocco is an amazing idea if you want the perfect escape to the place having the warm sun, breezy beaches and the Charming innard of the country like Red Marrakech and Blue Chefchouaen, all is so colourful.

Marrakech would Welcome you to the new world

Marrakech, the cultural hub of Morocco would welcome you to the new world of beauties and wonders Morocco owes for you. Desperate to explore the life of the town? Get out in the streets of Marrakech to enjoy the authentic Arab-African culture. The streets and souks will introduce you to the beauties of the red Marrakech. It is called to be a red Jewel of Morocco. Djema el Fna is a special place to get into, it will give you new experiences of life in the face of Fire eaters, Snake Charmers and the stallers selling the street food there. Never miss the opportunity to visit the Museums and Zoo of the city, it will introduce you about the history, traditions and culture of the land. Your children will enjoy the amusement parks of Marrakech you should visit on your visit. These all the activities are very suitable in November as you are here to get some heat and other unique experiences of life.

Desert in November is fine

You will need some warm clothes for the chilly nights in the Desert of Morocco. You will get all the exclusive experiences of Desert in Moroccan Sahara like camel riding, a perfect ride on the special vehicles for Desert purpose. You will have a perfect breakfast or lunch getting the warm waves from the Sun which you miss in the UK these days. Yes, you will need to take care of what to pack for Morocco because these days in the country are the rainy days. So pack the bags accordingly.

Chefchouaen ready to give you a unique taste

Taste? That means the Blue Chefchouaen is ready to give you the unique experiences this November. It is blue and in winters, Blue literally gives a unique sense to the travelers. When I was there, I got attracted by the fact that the whole town is painted blue. Whole town? How possible? Yes, these were the questions in my mind too. I cleared to witness and took some pictures for you to believe. Now thing is, get to know why it is all blue thereby planning your perfect November there.

Moroccan Eateries in November

Yes, Important question. You will have a variety of traditional foods like Lamb Tajine, Turkey, B’stilla etc. I recommend you to taste all these traditional dishes. You will also opt for Harira soup at the start of winters, it will add you a perfect warm experience there. Harira and Couscous will give you the ultimate traditional Moroccan tastes.

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