Things to Do in Grayton Beach - Grayton Beach Travel Guide

Things to Do in Grayton Beach - Grayton Beach Travel Guide

Book a few days at a Grayton beach hotel. Think of activities that you can do to enjoy every minute.

Spending a few days at the beach sounds like a grand idea. If you’re stressed and tired and you want to get away, why not book a Grayton beach hotel and take the time to rest?

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Here are a few of the other fun things you can do once you get there-

Take It Easy:

The first thing you do once you get to Grayton Beach is to relax. Sit back and stare out into the sea. Find a spot under the shade where you can relax with a good book and dive into the story. Or, or just spend the entire afternoon talking to friends. Catch up and touch base. By the time your first day at the beach is done, you’re all caught up in each other’s lives.

Eat Seafood:

You cannot book spend a few days by the beach without tasting the local cuisine. Given the town’s proximity to the water, it’s not a revelation that the best food in Grayton Beach is seafood. Try the shrimps and crab cakes, the salads and fish. You’ll be surprised at the sheer difference that fresh catch makes. Tender, flavorful, and delicious, you’ll come away from that weekend with a new-found respect for and love of fish and other types of seafood.

Explore the Restaurants:

Don’t be afraid to hop from one restaurant to another, sampling different menu items. You can still do take-outs if you’d rather prefer to stay at the hotel. The more restaurants you try, the easier it is for you to discover which of the local fare you like.

Play at the Park:

You can also check out the Grayton Beach State Park with its wonderful beachfront area. Relax in the sand, swim, and fish. However, if you love a spot of kayaking or paddle-boarding, and canoeing, then this is a godsend for you. You’ll love spending entire days here, just enjoying all that nature. Check out the cabins or campgrounds to find out more about what you can explore and see.

Go to the Beach:

For beach babies, nothing beats standing on the shore, just letting the waves crash over your toes. You don’t even need to go into the water just yet—you will, eventually. But now, you’re just content to stare out into the sea, take photos and bask in the sun, sea, and sand. The scent of the air will be redolent with saltwater. There’s so much you can see and do by the beach.

Do a Game:

Play some beach sports. Volleyball is fun and allows you to partner up in teams. Think of other games that you want to do while you’re at the beach with friends. Don’t forget to lather up on sunscreen, though, before you all go out and enjoy a day under the sun. The last thing you want is to end up with a sunburn.

Go Shopping:

Don’t forget to support the local economy by buying from the shops. Check out items that you can buy as gifts or presents for family back home.

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