The Signs That a Girl Likes You - How to Know If She Likes You

The Signs That a Girl Likes You - How to Know If She Likes You

Sometimes, the signs that a girl likes you but doesn't want to show you too much are little things she does unintentionally. Whether she's doing it consciously or not, she's sending you clear signals regarding what her response would be should you ask her out. So what are these signs that a girl likes you but doesn't want to be with you right now? Here's a list of signs you need to look for to tell whether she's attracted to you or not:

The first set of signs that a girl likes you but doesn't want to show you too much are very subtle, but they do exist. One way to clue into this is to notice how a girl makes eye contact with you. When girls do make eye contact with you, they are usually trying to make themselves appear as inviting and approachable as possible. Usually, when girls do make eye contact with you, they are trying to gauge your interest level and see if you feel like spending more time with them.

Another one of the signs that a girl likes you but doesn't want to show you too much is body language. If a girl is attracted to you, she's going to do everything in her power to show you her affection. This might come in the form of a coy smile, soft eyes, open body language, even fidgeting her hands a bit. Girls who are naturally into you tend to do these things without thinking about it. But if a girl seems to be coming on strong without any effort, then she's hooked and wants to spend more time with you.

How to tell if a girl likes you isn't solely reliant on the signs mentioned above. There are plenty of other factors that go into a girl's attraction level. For instance, does she always look at you with adoring interest? Is she eager to talk to you?

These are all signs of a deep, lasting connection, but there are other physical signs that you should be looking out for as well. Are you walking or driving towards her when you meet her? Is she chasing you or sitting close to you while you're talking to her? If she seems nervous, or her knees are knocking together as she walks towards you, then this is a good sign that she's attracted to you.

Physical attraction alone isn't enough. What you should be looking for signs of emotional attraction. If a girl is spilling her heart to you - and even crying when you put your arm around her - then this is an indication that she's got strong feelings for you. However, if she doesn't seem as emotional as you, then this probably means that she's not that into you at all.

Does she make eye contact with you? Eye contact is one of the first signs that a girl likes you, as it indicates that she's interested in you as a person. She wants to know more about you and is actively participating in the conversation. This is also a good sign that she's comfortable around you in general.

Does she spend time with you? The way she spends time with you, and the quality of that time, say a lot about her feelings for you. If she doesn't spend time with you, then she doesn't like you - and if she spends time with you, then she most likely has a deep, true affection for you.

Does she talk to you much? Talking is always a good sign that a girl likes you. When a girl talks to you, she's interested in what you're talking about. She asks questions and is genuinely

interested in the subject at hand. When she does this, it's a pretty clear indication that she finds you fascinating.

Does she sit close to you, or does she reach out and touch you when you lean into her? A lot of women don't sit close to men, because they feel that if they do, it makes them look like they're less of a man. However, a woman who sits close to you, and actively touches you, is sending the message that she finds you extremely attractive. This subtle movement can be a big sign that she likes you, but it's also a very subtle indication that she doesn't feel comfortable around you yet.

Is she trying to find common ground with you? It's a wonderful thing when a girl tries to talk to you, or when she asks questions that are directed at you. But if she starts bringing up a bunch of topics unrelated to the one you're talking about, she's not as into you as you are into her. When a girl likes you, she'll bring up subjects that are directly related to what you talk about, without trying to make a connection on her own.

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