The Kit Home Guide—Everything You Need to Know

The Kit Home Guide—Everything You Need to Know

Kit homes have become a popular option in most countries in recent years because they’re often significantly affordable and the range of extensive designs are increasingly versatile. Since it’s cost effective, there is a genuine sense of accomplishment for those who successfully build their own kit house instead of hiring a builder as well. Kit homes are usually made of unique and abundant natural timber resources. This guide will help you gain information on kit homes if you are interested in the said topic that can be useful.

How can I build a kit home?

There is no problem if you want to build your own kit home as long as you have the right materials and is able to carry and lift heavy construction materials. Kit homes for granny flats or sleepout can give a great solution for those looking to build an office or to work from home, or for accommodating teenager or ageing parents on your property.

If you are not a builder, no need to worry because it’s even better to hire a specialist or a home builder to discuss the foundation and the construction of the roof. You will also need to get help from a registered plumber and electrician to do the plumbing and electrical work in accordance with the respective legislation of your own country.

What are the advantages of a kit home set?

Many people are now becoming aware that kitset homes offer a practical option to the problem of affordable housing as they offer a number of great benefits over conventional approaches to building. If you are not yet familiar with kit home materials, using a solid timber kitset rather than building from scratch is that it takes a short time to construct compared to conventional timber or steel-framed homes. This is good because if you are too excited to live in your new home then you can be home sooner and avoid spending a lot on renting and paying bridging finance.

People also get to enjoy the option of building their own homes or some part of it which allows them to make cut costs on the labor fees associated with building your own home. Also, since kit homes are pre-manufactured, meaning there is less wastage of materials and you don’t have to order and think of measuring building materials. Amazing right?

Are kit homes ideal as holiday homes?

Yes, they are. Many people choose kit homes when they want to build a holiday home especially since it’s useful if it is located off the beaten track. One of the main reason is that they are very practical since they are quick and easy to build. And it’s also a great bond with families who want to construct the kit by themselves.

Solid timber kit homes naturally have that traditional timber look that makes them very beautiful in an alpine environment such as beach-side locations. It’s a bonus that solid timber greatly withstands a wide range of climates. But if you want a modern style holiday home, many kit home providers do have contemporary kitset designs you can choose from.

Why kitset homes use solid timber materials?

The answer is simple, because of its durability and safety. Wood has been used throughout the ages as a construction material. During earthquakes timber-clad houses and solid timber homes performed very well, with small suffering damages. This is because wood is a material that’s very flexible and can move if the foundations shift unlike rigid materials such as concrete, steel, and bricks.

If you’re looking for a healthier home then natural timber will help you with that. Wood naturally ‘breathes’ in a manner that man-made materials cannot. It helps with the control of moisture levels indoors so that natural timber homes will be warmer and is easier to heat effectively especially if you hate the winter. Wood is an insulator that can also help to reduce energy leakage from your home.

Are there any options for building kit homes?

Most people mistakenly think that if you choose a kit home, you are going to build it yourself. This is not true, because this is only of many kitset options. Another option is, you can choose your own builder to construct your kitset or your kitset provider have a network of builders that they can suggest for you.

Plus, there are services that can assist you right from the start of the process with managing the finance, choosing a section and with handling all of the consents, so all that you have to think about is choosing the fittings and move in.

Is it true that kit homes can’t be customized?

This is somehow, not true. Many people have the impression that if you purchase a kitset home, you just have to deal with the existing designs they have and can’t change the design that suits your desires. There are kit home providers that have this case and there are others who offer the option of a customized kitset design that is tailored to fit your needs and specifications.

What is the difference between kitset, transportable, modular and prefab homes?

You have to be familiar that kit homes, prefabricated, modular and transportable homes are not the same thing and they have important differences that you should know.

First is, a prefabricated, transportable, or modular home is built in one complete piece or several large pieces known as modules. These so-called modules are already fully finished, including elements such as the flooring and fixtures that are usually transported on trucks and to be delivered to the building site where afterward combined together to form a permanent structure.

In short, prefab homes are largely built off-site and a kitset home is built on-site using both prefabricated and site installed components assembled all together. Since prefab homes need to be transported on trucks, there are restrictions in the size of the modules and the materials that can be used in the design. However, with a kit home, there is more flexibility in altering the standard design so you can create your own custom design version that will suit and utilized your requirements.

So what do you think? Would you want to build or buy a kit home or not? We hope that you find this information to be useful for you to determine if you want to build one yourself.

This article was written by Ivandrea Ollero, a resident writer for PAAL, one of Australia’s kit home leaders that offers a range of flexible kit house designs options. Ivandrea writes information for people who want to achieve confidence in building their own homes.

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