The Impact of Covid-19 on Learning and Development Programs

The Impact of Covid-19 on Learning and Development Programs

Whenever there have been plagues and pandemics in history, they were typically accompanied by collapsing economies and joblessness.

Things are a bit different today and that is due to the presence of the internet.

While the coronavirus pandemic is certainly affecting the global economy and forcing people out of jobs, the internet has made it possible to save most jobs in certain sectors.

The internet has also made it possible to share development resources and participate in training programs.

This also means that you need to come up with new strategies to employ ROI methodology to get the most out of online training programs.

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Affected Employee Training

When the lockdown measures against coronavirus began, it was certainly difficult to envisage how much it would affect daily life and for how long.

Due to the quarantine, many people began to switch over to remote working in order to retain their jobs.

Unfortunately, the fact is that most organizations around the world lacked the infrastructure necessary to handle remote working capabilities. Even today, months after quarantine started, there are organizations who are still playing catch up, trying to redesign their infrastructure to streamline their employees’ abilities to work from home.

As expected, this also affected the way training and development programs were delivered to the employees.

Virtual training programs such as elearning solutions existed before the pandemic. However, they have witnessed an explosive growth in popularity since then.

Remote training platforms are increasingly becoming the norm. After all, more and more employees are rapidly adapting to a whole new of communicating, educating and working.

The Different Kinds of Online Learning Solutions

There is no denying the fact that remote working is here to stay. Similarly, remote training programs for employees are sure to become popular in the coming days.

Therefore, you need to start thinking about new delivery methods for training and development programs. This will keep your employees engaged and satisfied. Of course, they will also be able to become more productive and efficient at their work. You can also employ ROI methodology to improve those programs for better results.

Here are some possible online solutions for learning and training that you can choose from.

Online Learning Programs

This is, quite probably, the most common kind of online program that you are familiar with. This program makes use of an online platform where various courses and programs can be offered to employees. Typically, videos and tutorials are made accessible to the employees who can complete those courses at their discretion.

Depending on the platform, there can also be virtual classrooms and options for interaction between employees and trainers. These can improve the completion rates for the employees.

If choosing this method, it is best if you opt for a customized learning program and platform. This will give you complete control over the learning process. It will also make it easier for you to implement ROI practices.

eLearning Programs

It is a common misconception in which online learning and eLearning are considered to be the same. While there are similarities, there is a significant difference between them.

Unlike online learning, eLearning includes the use of a traditional classroom scenario. In other words, there will be an actual trainer who will be providing the courses and training. Of course, the employees or students will be present virtually while participating in the class.

This kind of program can also utilize some aspects of online learning such as training videos and tutorials. As such, it should not be too difficult for you to implement ROI methodology.

Due to the limitations placed on personal interactions by the coronavirus pandemic, virtual learning solutions are going to grow further in the coming days. Knowing the different options out there and learning how to implement ROI methodology for each can go a long way in helping your organization.

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