The Guiding Principles of ECommerce Website Development

The Guiding Principles of ECommerce Website Development

Design is a subject that can seem almost like ancient magic when looked at from the outside, especially when considering the nuance of website design. The devil is in the details when it comes to eCommerce website development, and it can be easy to unintentionally reduce your website’s effectiveness by creating a design that doesn’t function properly for eCommerce, is out of step with your brand, or is simply too overwhelming for customers. This article will explore the basic principles that inform good eCommerce website development and design, helping you to ensure your site is a hit with every customer.

1. Simplicity and Minimalism
At least for the time being, minimalistic website designs are incredibly popular, and not just for their clean, easy-to-explore appearance. Minimalistic websites are easier to host, cheaper to develop, and easier to view on mobile. Because mobile shoppers are beginning to take up more and more of the market, it’s important to consider the needs of future customers who will be buying through mobile. A minimalistic, simple design not only looks great but also preps you for mobile as well.

2. App-Friendly
When developing your store, one of the best things you can do is have your developer prep your website to be compatible with a future mobile app. The best strategy you can have in eCommerce website development is to prepare for the future. Being ready before your competition means having an incredible advantage going forward. Apps are the future of mobile shopping, and the mobile market is an incredible source of revenue that is growing every year.

3. Quick and Snappy
If the development choices of major tech companies are any indicator, consumers love their devices to feel fast. The same principle applies to websites. Shopping on a website that takes a long time to load, has clunky animations, or hangs up frequently is incredibly frustrating. Not only does slow performance make your website frustrating to use, it also makes your business seem less trustworthy. Nearly every online consumer has been served ads for shady online businesses whose web stores are riddled with pop-ups and advertisements, and those stores don’t tend to last very long.

Prioritizing the “feel” of your store can make a huge difference in your eCommerce website development. Clean performance and good back-end design can ensure your business is built on a fantastic digital foundation, saving your company money, time, and labor for years to come.

4. Redundancy
Nothing is worse for business than a shopper who wants to buy something being unable to due to website maintenance or server outages. For eCommerce companies, redundancy means your site keeps going when others might have gone down, it means being able to handle the heavy visitor loads of holiday shopping. Having a system in place for maintaining the accessibility of your website even in unpredictable circumstances means making more sales and being there for the customers that want you and need your products.

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