The effect of a global pandemic on sport

The effect of a global pandemic on sport

The world is currently reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected over two hundred thousand people around the globe. With a death toll nearing 9,000 so far, extreme measures are being taken around the world to try to delay and halt the spread of the potentially deadly virus. Most government bodies are now recommending social distancing at the very least, or even self-isolation. Large events have been cancelled or postponed to avoid gathering too many people into one place at once - meaning that sport is one of the most affected organisations. Around the world, 3G football pitch construction and synthetic cricket pitch installation has halted, whilst existing stadiums and pitches stand empty with no games taking place and no crowds there to see them.

Across the UK, there were talks that games would take place behind closed doors, still being televised for people to watch from the comfort of their own homes, rather than sitting around an artificial football pitch design potentially spreading diseases to one another. However, after numerous players were confirmed to have coronavirus, even this stopped. Football has essentially been put on pause around the world, with Euro 2020 cancelled and pushed back a year.

Fans around the world have been outraged, although the majority understand the severity of the virus and its potential impact. It’s unlikely that this will be a death knell for the sport however, as fans will still remain fiercely loyal to their clubs, but it will leave every 3G football pitch construction around the world quiet for a few months at the very least. On top of this, people have been recommended to not visit pubs or bars, meaning that those locations may shut, especially without the extra income of people coming to watch players on an artificial football pitch design or synthetic cricket pitch installation.

Although a lot of local clubs tried to keep going, the majority have followed suit from the bigger leagues and have postponed or cancelled matches or seasons. In turn, this may cause issues for 3G football pitch construction and synthetic cricket pitch installation companies who were contracted to renovate or re-install a grassroots club’s pitch. As with every industry around the world right now, there is a lot of uncertainty and worry about their future as the economy enters yet another recession. It would not be greatly surprising to see some of these firms fold due to lack of business from local sports clubs and schools that have had to close or postpone their functions.

Other sports, such as horse racing and basketball, have also been affected, with the Grand National cancelled and the current NBA season postponed due to players testing positive for the virus and organisations trying to avoid large gatherings. However, Japan remains confident that they will hold the Olympics this summer, complete with full spectators.

Only time will tell how long sporting events will be affected by the coronavirus, and how many artificial football pitch design and creation companies will come out the other side of the pandemic successfully.

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