The Best Holiday Destinations around the World to Travel in September

The Best Holiday Destinations around the World to Travel in September

When most of the schools in the world begin their academic year, there are people who pack their bags and head to the holiday destinations in the month of September. There are many destinations that are perfect to visit during the month of September. For instance, China, where the autumn begins and the weather around the country get cool. Similarly, Europe offers the best climate and is suitable for traveling. If you're planning to travel across different cities or countries, then we've listed top 5 destinations to enjoy the month of September.



Want to experience the larger than life adventure, exotic locations and great foods? Then Dubai is the place you should keep it at the top on your travel list. Known for its exotic city life, skyscrapers and adventure, Dubai is one of the best destinations to explore in September. One of the amazing things is the Dhow Cruise in Dubai that is apt for a solo traveller, couple, and a family. The cruise experience in Dubai is different as you get to see Old Dubai and New Dubai from the waters. Along with exotic views, you can enjoy a fun evening with entertainment and delicious dinner. If you're in a mood to enjoy the Arabian hospitality, then Dubai is the place to visit. Then what are you waiting for? Apply for your Dubai visa to make your holidays hassle-free.

Rome, Italy:

Rome Italy

Cruise along the water by lanes and enjoy the warm weather by gazing the architectural marvel of the city. It is the best city to explore by foot and looks beautiful during that starts from the September. There are many sights in Rome that give the glimpse of rich culture, architecture and tradition, making it one of the worth places to visit in September. Have a look over the Roman artisans, known as the best in the world. Visit the Palazzo Dama, which owns a private home having lush gardens around. Everything here is open again for this month. Moreover, September is known as the Fig season in Rome, the time you’ll find some amazing delicacies like fig gelato, fresh figs with prosciutto on pizza Bianca, etc. There are many more such places that represent the real beauty of Rome.

Asian Countries:


Country like India in Asia witness’s withdrawal of monsoon season and the interiors of the countries looks more green and beautiful. To add more, the weather too is relaxed with not much sunshine and extreme summer. China, as mentioned above witnesses the autumn season and looks more beautiful and pleasant in September. There are some more holiday destinations in September to explore in Asia. These include - Sri Lanka, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bali. However, do check the weather condition to avoid extreme monsoon or dry season.



Different European countries offer favourable climatic conditions in September. Warm temperature makes ideal for travelling. Croatia, blessed with Mediterranean climate and amazing coastline is perfect to explore. Similarly, warm temperature of Portugal also makes ideal to visit. For honeymoon travellers, Paris is the best option to visit during September. Chilled weather and great atmosphere make an ideal honeymoon destination to explore. The best part is, many European countries experience less tourists during this month, leading to cheaper hotel accommodation. In the Eastern Europe, you’ll comes across some tempting deals on accommodation and have many tourist sights. The Baltic States, Scandinavia and Russia are must visit places. Europe is also the right backpacking country for solo travellers, offering great places to explore.



One of the apt holiday destinations in September, Mexico looks fantastic during September. Explore the city's architectural work of this bustling city. Enjoy your dinner or lunch at any of these three restaurants- Pujol, Quintonil, and Biko, known for serving delicious food items. Then enjoy the great art at the Frida Kahlo home, the best in the city. There are some luxury properties in the Mexico city that offer rooms in lower rate with good hospitality. The weather during September gets calm and cool. Some of the places to visit during September are- Baja California, Cabo San Lucas, Sayulita, Los Ayala, Puerto Ángel, and Zipolite.

Along with the above-mentioned places, there are other holiday destinations in September like Hong Kong, Ecuador, Thailand, Charleston- South Carolina and few others. However, it is important to gather all the information about the places and climatic condition during September month. You can book your travel packages way in advance to enjoy discounts for the trip. So pack your bags and head to your favourite destinations in September.

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