The best air filters for mold problems

The best air filters for mold problems

People nowadays are now suffering from various health issues. Few of them usually get cured with medicines but many of these persist for a longer period of time. These prolonged health issues can be due to allergens and airborne molds. Both of these are invisible to the human eye but can cause adverse health issues. Thus, owning an efficient air purifier for removing the allergens and molds becomes important for all of us. There are other ways to rid the air of mold spores, but an air purifier capable of removing molds will definitely be able to remove more of these toxic allergens and therefore it would be a smarter choice to go with best mold removing air filter.

Prior to purchasing a mold purifier one must go through the following parameters:

  • Ensure the air purifier is capable of removing molds with size less as 0.003 microns.
  • Check whether your air purifier has a HEPA filter or not because HEPA filter is essential for removing all airborne mold and allergens effectively.
  • Make sure your Air purifier consists on an anti-microbial filter to resist and stop the growth of mold on its surface.
  • Shop an air purifier that covers the maximum area of your house and has highest coverage range.

Once you have these parameters in mind you will definitely end up with the select of best mold remover air purifier. If you want to limit your research for best mold remover air purifier then kindly go through the specification of few top selling mold remover air purifiers.

  1. Alen BreatheSmart with Antimicrobial Filter: Its one of the leading anti-microbial smart air purifier. It consists of a HEPA-Silver filter along with Silver-Ion threads that provide protection against contaminated bacteria, microorganisms, airborne mold, allergens etc. It’s efficient enough to provide coverage up to 1100 Square Feet of area with an evenly distributed fresh air all around. According to many top reviewing websites it has been found to be 99% effective in its overall performance.
  2. Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Air Purifier: Is a smaller version of regular Alen Breathesmart filter. It is compact in size and thus be adjusted anywhere easily. It is best known for its silently air purifying technology. It is also efficient in removing all airborne molds, allergens and other pollutants from the air but does not possess an anti-microbial air filter. Due to which there are chances of accumulating infectious elements on its surface.
  3. Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier: It’s an air purifier manufactured in America with its body made up of high quality metal. The metallic body makes it an highly efficient machine for purifying the air at highest airflow rate. It implements better filtration technology with the help of large amount of activated carbon and thus makes the air absolutely pure and clean.

All of these three filters have been the best trusted by users for effectively removing airborne molds, allergens, and all harmful chemical components. So if you looking to shop any of the mold removing air purifier for your premises then any of these will serve good. But in case you looking for an immense protection against molds then it is recommended to shop an air purifier with antimicrobial filter like Alen BreatheSmart with Antimicrobial Filter. Owing an air purifier with antimicrobial filter will prevent the accumulation and penetration of molds or allergens on its surface and will thus ensure an environment with clean healthy air all around.

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