The Art of Winning Customer Loyalty with Toll-Free Number

The Art of Winning Customer Loyalty with Toll-Free Number

Customers are the kings and queens for a business organization. The one and only motive of an organization is to provide product or service to their target customer and satisfy them. A customer became loyal one only when they purchase or use an organization’s offerings multiple times and satisfy each and every time. So, making a strong loyal customer base is the most challenging job for a business organization. A business can became a big brand only when they have a bigger loyal customer base. A recognized brand acquire more loyal customer than a non-branded organization.

To maintain a loyal customer base, a business organization need to provide a sound customer support system. A customer always prefer to contact with a person who can solve every kind of query regarding the product or service. So a human conversation is always better to convert customer to a loyal customer. In this process a business organization need to implement an efficient communication technology as well. Toll-Free number technology plays a significant role in many business to cater customer query and customer service.

As an example, we can take Emirates Airlines which has an incredibly loyal customer base. Most of the flyers of Emirates are using their flights just because of service quality and top-class customer service.

Now it is my question to all the readers. Only good customer support is the key to acquire a steady, loyal customer base? Communication tools are also important for that. You need to take care that the customers can easily reach to you.

Just Manufacturing Good Quality Products is Not Enough!

Communication, communication and communication.

Your customer can be upset with the faulty product or service you provide. Let assume your 25 customers are disappointed or unhappy with your offerings. These 25 customers can spread negative words to thousand others who can be your prospective customers. If people find a tollfree number for customer grievance they can easily call there. If you ease your communication mechanism then there will be less chances that your disappointed customer will not share negative word of mouth ad call you for service.

If a company provides average quality of offering but ensures top notch customer service then it will be easy for them to generate the number of happy customers. A happy customer means positive word of mouth, which ensures your publicity and acquire more customers. So with average product boosting sales is also possible. It also adds reliability and trust to your business.

A toll free number not only help you to face the customer issue. It also helps you to solve their problem as well. A customer is going to satisfied only when his/her issue will resolved. In that case Toll-Free number with IVR is a good mechanism to satisfy customer. Lets take a example.

Indian Railway has a service number 139 which is not toll free. People need to pay for collecting the information regarding train running status or etc. There a caller need to press the assigned number to know the train status directed by IVR system. So a travelers issue resolved with out the help of a human being. Now lets assume the number is a toll free number. Then the callers will get motivated to call on that specific number to collect information regarding railways.

So now assume you have toll free number with integrated IVR for your organization. It not only reduce man power requirement it also increase the number of satisfied customer service. You don’t need to depend on the calling agents to provide standardized support to your customer.

So we can say that making a customer or motivating a customer for repeat purchase is difficult. But when you can do that, you will have your loyal customer base and to maintain your loyal customer base you need Toll-Free Number.

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