Technological Updates & Digital Marketing In 2020 - The Complete Scenario!

Technological Updates & Digital Marketing In 2020 - The Complete Scenario!

The technological aspect of Digital Marketing has been advancing after the knowledge that larger clientele is attracted through digitally marketed products or services. Today, people trust the display of the features of the product, without seeing it in real life. But even something as advanced as Digital Marketing needs updates.

The year 2020 brings new advancements with it, taking away most of the traditional ways of marketing in lieu of aspects like branding marketing, content marketing, and technological updates. If you live in Pune and wish to gain skills in this field, then you should take up digital marketing courses in Pune.

Technological Updates

The sectors that will receive updates are industrial, IT industries, commercial, and other areas that are in trend like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Automobile, Robotics, Machine Learning, Internet of things, etc. The business world grows rapidly in today’s age of modernization - people prefer digital marketing because of the convenience and appeal of the entire ordeal.

The trends that everyone is currently indulging in will face enormous advancement. As said by experts in Digital Marketing, Social Media is a tool that can be used wisely to market products and businesses. The different sectors of Digital Marketing will follow through certain trends in the year 2020:

  1. Content Marketing: People often prefer an in-depth description of the products they will potentially buy. Content Marketing hence has proved to be a great way of digitally marketing products, attracting people as such
  2. Branding Marketing: Here, the ideologies and motto of the companies are shed light upon. Some people focus on the brand, its popularity, and the guarantee that it comes with it. Promoting the company motto will help market the product as well
  3. Artificial Intelligence: This feature has been growing rapidly in recent years. It comes with the AR/VR technology – it helps people become familiar with the features of the product without seeing it in real life. They get the idea of what the product is, and it helps them make their decision more clearly
  4. Social Marketing: Social Media has become the largest platform on the internet for the promotion of the littlest to the biggest things. Celebrities, influencers, business pages have all started to market their products or businesses on social media platforms in hopes of reaching a larger audience by promoting the services in an appealing way. The majority of people have Social Media these days, and they enjoy the convenience of not having to browse through many apps to look for what you want. At times they may receive ads, or come through pages, which will promote your product, and click on it out of curiosity

India has seen a whopping 25% to 50% increase in the growth of digital marketing. Several companies have started using these tactics and have experienced profit. It not only helps them sell their products or services but also helps in promoting the business itself. If the name of the company is established, it increases the chances of more people coming across the brand. Hence, you should take digital marketing courses in PCMC so that you can use the knowledge to your advantage.

Reports have been released by The Indian Express in 2020, indicating the growth of digital marketing in India. They have predicted that by the end of 2020, digital classifieds will have collected revenues, which will amount up to 25 Billion INR – which is five times more than what is going on currently. This proves to show that India might soon become a global market, in lieu of Digital marketing. If the cards are played right, the technological updates are used wisely; digital marketing can be a dark horse for every rising, new, or even established businesses.


After getting to know the technological advancements and scope of digital marketing, you can now choose whether you wish to indulge in this field of marketing or not.

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