Style Rules for Dressing According to Your Age

Style Rules for Dressing According to Your Age

As we all know everyone wants to look stylish and attractive but for this it is very important that you dress according to your age. So if you will try to look younger than your age or older than your age then it will make you look awful. So first of all you should prefer to accept your actual age after that you have to decide which style you want to wear. Here in this article we are discussing about different styling rules of dressing according to various age group:

Under Twenty Age Group:

  • You if you are under twenty then you should prefer to stick with chinos along with denim jeans, or strings especially in the winter season. always prefer to wear slim trousers instead of skinny trousers.
  • Other than that you should prefer to wear button down casual shirts that could be in checks, stripes and plaids. But keep in mind that you have to leave the upper button undone.

Age Group of Early to Mid-Twenties:

  • Next if you have reached to your early to mid-twenties in age then you should prefer to get your first suit. But you should prefer to avoid buying a black suit, as its not in current trends. Instead of this you should prefer to have navy or gray.
  • Other than that for casual wear, avoid wearing jeans, instead of that you should prefer to wear dress trousers along with chinos, casual pants and adult male onesie.
  • Other than that obviously now its time to leave your velcro wallet. Instead you should prefer to buy a gentleman’s wallet. But that should be available in high-quality other than that choose a good and classy watch. Its not important that to be rolex but still there are other choices as well like Nixon and Fossil.

Age Group of Mid-Twenties to Late-Thirties:

  • So if your age is in mid-twenties to late thirties then you should prefer to wear graceful button down shirts. It will be best outfit if you have to go for weekend barbecues or even at block parties.
  • Next if you want to go for a golf course then you should prefer to wear Polo tee shirts with shorts or else you can wear dress shirts along with sweaters, and pants.
  • Next you should prefer to wear some bright colors that will help you to look still young.
  • Next you should prefer to make your own shoe collection in which you should have almost three dress shoes that should be in different shades like black, brown etc.

Age Group of Forty to Sixty-Five Years Old:

  • Next if your age is somewhere between forty to fifty years then you should prefer to dress up with a sober approach. In this age you should prefer to wear some odd combinations like you can wear suit jacket along with plain navy colored dress pants.
  • Other than that you can include tweeds into your winter or fall wardrobe. As it will help you to show off some maturity and stability and look like a gentleman who is absolutely comfortable at his age.

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