Steps to Repair Corrupt Microsoft Access Database

Steps to Repair Corrupt Microsoft Access Database

What will happen if your MS Access database files become corrupt? The data-packed inside the Microsoft Access database files would be at the risk of loss. There are possibilities that files getting fully damaged, leading complete data loss would be high.

Here, in this post, you will know several ways to help you get out of the situation. Simply scroll down and read on:

What is Microsoft Access, and how does it work?

Microsoft Access or MS Access is a database management system to store data and retrieve it as per requirement. Software developers, data architects & power users and other experts use MS Access to develop applications.

Microsoft Access utilizes MS’ Relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with an Interactive Graphical User Interface as well that is appropriate for small applications and businesses. Microsoft Access is also a part of MS’s Office 365 suite.

Reasons Why Database files become corrupt

There are several reasons behind why Microsoft Access Database files become corrupt or damaged, including

  1. Write operation interruption
  2. Defective network hardware
  3. Open MS Access database file or files in non-native programs

Write operation interruption

This can be happened due to sudden or unwanted exit from the application while a write operation is on the process. In this situation, the Jet database engine marks can mark the database as suspect or corrupt. The immediate shutdown can also bring the same issue.

Defective network hardware

A faulty network can cause the database file to turn corrupt. The hardware not being in the normal state can directly affect the Jet database engine, and then Jet database engine will set flags on the file.

Opening Access database files in non-native programs

If someone opens Microsoft Access database files – MDB files, with other programs, it can cause the database files to go corrupt.

How to avoid Access database file corruption

In order to prevent Access Database corruptions and get Microsoft Access repair, the vice-versa of above-mentioned points is the best. Ensure that you do not exit or close before the initiated write operation completes or your Windows machines do not surprise you with immediate shutdowns. In addition to the faulty network hardware, a regular check would be helpful unless you are ready to lose essential details.

How to Repair Corrupt MS Access Database files

Above are some of the reasons why Microsoft Access Database files become corrupt and the measures you can take in order to avoid such things. Now, check out a few methods, both native and non-native that can help in analyzing causes and resolutions for Access Database Corruption.

Backup and Restore

When it comes to using this method, it is essential for you to maintain a complete and up-to-date Microsoft Access database file backup so that one can use the backup files for restoration. In order to restore the data, you have to replace the damaged database with the backup copy. This is the simplest methods for Access database recovery.

Compact and Repair Utility

It is a built-in utility that is available with MS Office Suite or the standalone app you have installed – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and more.

Now, let’s check out the steps one after the other as given below:

  1. Open MS Access
  2. Select the Database Tools tab and then click the Compact and Repair Database.
  3. Browse to choose the Microsoft Access Database you wish to repair.

Microsoft Access compacts as well as repairs the database and then save its copy in the same location.

Get in touch with a reliable expert to repair your corrupt Microsoft Access Database.

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