Steps Followed in Flood Emergency Water Removal in Aurora IL

Steps Followed in Flood Emergency Water Removal in Aurora IL

Floods are a natural disaster which can be hard to control. The second most costly weather-related disaster in Aurora IL was the flood experienced in 1996. One of the factors contributing to the cost came from the flood emergency water removal. The overall process of water restoration is generally the same and it includes:

Emergency contact

The process of emergency flood water removal begins when you contact an emergency restoration company. There are several companies that offer emergency flood water removal in Aurora. You should always look for a twenty-four-hour company to enable a fast response and ensure that you get the flood water restoration estimates before the beginning of the emergency water removal.

Water damage assessment and inspection

When the specialized water removal team gets to the site, the first thing they do is to inspect the property and assess the damage. At this stage they:

  1. Identify the source of water and block it

  2. Categorize the type of water

  3. Determine the extent of damage caused

  4. Move the furniture to prevent rust and decomposition

Removal and extraction of water

In this step, the majority of the flood water is removed. This process is aided by the use of extremely powerful pumps, moisture detectors, hygrometers, infrared cameras, truck mounted extraction units and vacuum units.

Drying and dehumidification

Almost all materials used in construction such as roofing materials, flooring materials, and walls are porous to some extent. This leads to the retention of water and the water retention may consequently result to wear and tear. Use of drying materials to remove water from the building materials and dehumidification material to expel moisture from the air aids in the process.

Cleaning and damage repair

After flooding, almost everything that was affected will require cleaning. There are extremely high chances that many possessions get damaged in the process. Almost all restoration companies in Aurora IL offer flood water damage repair services. The process includes:

  1. Content restoration which entails dry cleaning and wet cleaning among others.

  2. Deodorization

  3. Sanitization which involves disinfection

  4. Disposal of damaged materials and materials that can’t be reused


This is the last step of the emergency flood water removal process. The process involves flood water remediation, which constitutes restoring the affected possessions to the state they were in before the floods occurred. in extreme cases involving residential homes in Aurora IL, the entire family is relocated to facilitate proper repair of the home

The steps involved in flood emergency water removal are very technical and hence may be very costly. It is important, if you are a resident of Aurora IL, to be aware of the flood water restoration estimates for emergency purposes.

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