Snacks Perfect for The Quarantine Period

Snacks Perfect for The Quarantine Period

Are you already tired and stuck at home for so many months during this quarantine? You might even have run out of snacks to try from your local stores after a grocery run. What do you do in such times? If you enjoy Italian cuisine and haven't tried any kind of Italian snacks because you always only tried Italian main courses at the restaurant, now is your time to try authentically Italian snacks.

a). Pan di Stelle Cookies

Mulino Bianco Pan di Stelle cookies are the best and the first kind of snacks you just try. You can easily avail of these cookies online on any authentic Italian food store online. The magic of pan di Stelle cookies and biscuits is irresistible. These are chocolate pastry biscuits made using cocoa and hazelnuts, just like your favorite hazelnut spread. People from all age groups enjoy these cookies. They taste especially good with biscuits dipped into milk, coffee, or even just for a break. Kids will particularly enjoy it because of the decorated sugar stars on the cookies. It will be a good variation from any other kind of chocolate-based cookies that you might have tried.

b). Abbracci Cookies

Mulino Bianco Abbracci cookies are equivalent to a snack hug. In fact, Abbracci literally means a hug in the language Italian. The reason these cookies are called hug cookies is that it is shaped in the form of a hug. They can be had for breakfast, supper, or even just as an evening snack for your coffee or tea. They look regal with two different colored hugs coming either way.

c). Cookies with Eggs

For an even more yummy tasty cookie, you should definitely try Campiello cookies with eggs. They are extremely crispy yet delicate cookies that are made using eggs. In fact, the ingredients used to make these cookies are simple and natural ones that just melt in one's mouth. Even these cookies taste like heaven with a cup of milk or tea. These are light and delicate because of the use of eggs and perfect for pairing alongside any espresso beverage, ideally for a post-dinner snack. Having these with a cup of coffee will immediately transport you to Italy. They remind one of Italy itself.

d). Cantucci Cranberry

Cantucci cranberry biscuits are a much more dense variety of cookies, much like the American scone. They enriched using cranberries without palm oil, hydrogenated fats, or any kind of preservatives. It also makes use of cane sugar, maize flour, and big cranberries. You can easily eat them on their own or pair them with espresso coffee. Also, they are very Italian in their fragrance and taste like a traditional Italian dessert. These cookies are perfect for all age groups and can even be made better with cheese and various spreads.

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