Smart Car: 6 Automotive Technologies For Safe Driving

Smart Car: 6 Automotive Technologies For Safe Driving

With the development of technologies, car manufacturers understand that they have something very interesting in their hands. They have the opportunity to drastically reduce the number of road accidents, deaths and such social problems as driving drunk and inattention. If the roads become safer, fewer parents will receive calls in the middle of the night that their teenagers are in the hospital, and fewer trips will be ruined due to minor car damages, like a scratch or a small dent. So, check out the following information to find out how modern technologies can make driving much easier and safer...

Driver Switching Systems

Almost 90% of traffic accidents occur due to human error, showing that people don’t always make the best decisions while driving at the wheel. Manufacturers have spent many years trying to improve the reliability of cars in order to make them more resistant to collisions, but nowadays more attention is paid to drivers.

Switch systems will intercept control of the car and take urgent action to save people inside of the vehicle. For example, if the driver continues to accelerate when the car in front has already stopped, then the car will be stopped immediately and prevent an accident. From the manufacturer's point of view, it will be better to temporarily help the driver in case this action will save from an accident.

Rear View Cameras

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) made a proposal to make rear-view cameras mandatory for all cars created after a certain year. This is majorly due to the fact that rear-view cameras increase visibility and prevent damage to walls, corners of the buildings, cars and even people.

About 210 people die and 15,000 people are injured by accidents involving the inability to see what’s behind the car. These are injuries and medical bills, which could be avoided by installing rear-view cameras. Benefits from these simple devices will be available for everyone: from pedestrians and drivers to insurance companies.

Tracing Systems

Some insurance companies ask customers to install special applications on smartphones to track their behavior on the road. This process itself can lead to lower rates for car insurance, and also allows companies to encourage good driver behavior. For example, drivers who quickly brake and accelerate are more likely to get into an accident, while responsible drivers will be rewarded because they are less dangerous on the road.

Active Windshield Display

It may look like something from fantastic film, but more and more car manufacturers test navigation systems with active windshield displays. Many drivers use smartphones for navigation, which means their eyes are not concentrated on the road at that moment, but on the phone screen. Even if they have special holders for smartphones on the windshield or built-in GPS navigators on the panel, drivers will still have to be distracted to see the road.

(photo by Fields BMW)

Active windshield displays will be similar to Google Glass, but for the dashboard. Drivers will see exactly where they turn with the help of special arrows with instructions located on the glass. They can still see the road and they don’t need to be distracted in order to find out where the next turn is.

Remote Car Shutdown System

This technology is already used by OnStar Company in order to prevent theft of cars and very simple tracking of the vehicle. The return of stolen cars can help law enforcement agencies to find car thieves, while at the same time removing unnecessary inconveniences with the registration of an insurance claim and the purchase of a new car.

(photo by David T.G)

On the other hand, remote car shutdown system is also useful for those drivers who accidentally closed the car with running engine and left the keys inside, since such companies can stop the car and open it.

Rear Emergency Braking System

Probably, you have often seen situations, when two drivers got into an accident while leaving the parking lot. Indeed, such accidents are not so rare. In order to protect drivers from such accidents, automakers began to install rear emergency braking systems on some car models. This is a modern option that can automatically stop the car in case of a collision hazard when moving backwards.

(photo by Last Chance auto Repair)

Also, this option allows protecting pedestrians and children who can suddenly appear behind the car in such a visibility zone where the driver cannot see anything. In this case, the electronics will independently decide on preventing collision. This function is especially useful to inattentive car drivers.

Although some of these technologies may seem fantastic, all of them have one goal: to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and pedestrians, as well as to reduce car damage and the cost of their repair.

In fact, some of the above-mentioned technologies have already been successfully applied in the automotive industry, and they are especially relevant for inexperienced young drivers. Want to try some of them? Then use car rental Under 21 in Orlando, where a lot of progressive car models are available.

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