Significant Steps for Efficient Product Design and Discovery

Significant Steps for Efficient Product Design and Discovery

A process of developing and launching a successful mobile product is too long which can even influence the end result. So, the most significant aspect which affects successful mobile app development is proper planning. If you don’t know your business goals like why you want to launch a mobile product or your product value proposition, then it will be challenging to design and develop a useful product which can address both business and user needs.

So, given below are the steps which will show the most important takeaways from design and discovery engagement which will also help to design and deliver a successful mobile product:

A Product Vision Statement

Design and discovery engagement support companies to think deeply about their business goals whether they are achievable or not. Besides, it also induces participants to analyze their business strategy and determine how it will translate into a product strategy. A clear product vision is the result of this process and also provides a sense of direction to the end result of the mobile product.

Why is a Product Vision Statement Important for Mobile App Development?

Below are the given significant advantages to create a product vision statement:

  • It defines who will be using the product.
  • Vision statement expresses the solution to the problem.
  • It also differentiates the product from what currently exists in the market.

A product vision statement provides a distinct area of focus for the mobile product, which helps business to set specific success criteria and clear the objective to determine what features the product needs to be successful.

User Journeys

Building a visual representation of the end user's journey keep you focused on the user, about the user experience design of your product where the purpose of design and discovery goes beyond the mobile product itself, and the overall goal is moving towards creating a solution for a specific set of users. So that is it is essential to have audience perception. As per the report, suggested by Localystics’ says that 32% of end users continue to engage with an app even after 3 months and 21% of users abandon an app right after one use. It clearly shows that the users have high expectations for mobile products which they choose, so if you want your product to have ongoing engagement, it’s essential that your product serves a purpose in user’s life. Therefore, the primary objective of design and discovery is to know who your target user is and why they value. So before you can create user journey the first step is to create a detailed end-user persona. Where it can be multiple user groups for your mobile product and each user persona will have its own unique user journey.

Why is User Journeys Important for Mobile App Development?

User journey is the foundation of user experience design. So a customer’s journey is series action where the user performs to achieve a particular goal within the mobile application development.


Once you achieve the audience for your product, then you need to record the exact actions for an end user to take’ for completing the product goal. Design and discovery not only provide, prioritized list of product features, but it also includes wireframe maps of “how those features come together to create the entire user experience?” It also contains all the steps of how an end user will move through the app.

Why are Wireframes Important for Mobile App Development?

It is essential to have a high-level visual solution which shows the product user experience. Wireframes provide the outlines of what the mobile product will going to be, and it also shows how the product basic functionality will play out on screen before including visual components. So with the help of wireframes, you can create a clear path towards the central action you want the user to take. Henceforth, this process helps to keep the first version of your product.

A Product Roadmap:

If you want to develop a scalable product, then you need to adapt the ever-changing needs of end users. This process will help you to prioritize essential features that are necessary to launch for a successful product, where it also delivers a summary along with the product vision and long term direction of the product. In this initial phase, product is considered to be MVP. It includes all required features to take the product to market. Therefore, the MVP follows a build measure to learn the process which also helps you to determine how your target audience will react and experience the product core functionality.

In this roadmap, the launched product should address all the business goals and provides into the success rate of the product roadmap. This phase also helps in collecting data about user engagement patterns.

So in a nutshell, app development companies help in building business outcomes and overall product vision to maximize your return on investment. Henceforth, the design and discovery session will also give you time, as well as mobile subject matter expert’ who can help you grasp mobile first best practice by improving your chances of winning investors buy in.

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