Sharing my flight experience of all the years of travelling

Sharing my flight experience of all the years of travelling

Travelling by air is the best form of travel. Not only it takes you to your destination in the shortest period of time, but it is also comfortable and safe. Sometimes a flight can be so short, it is completely uneventful. You can only find the food unusual, or count the number of clouds you saw outside your plane’s window. Today, I am going to talk about my past flights in this article. I will tell my readers how good they were, or how bad my experience was. Also, I will discuss how we can make our flying experience better with some amazing tips. So read on, and learn different ways to make everything best for yourself to enjoy every moment. You can also visit blog to read more articles on travelling destinations, news, fashion items, and other amazing content relevant to travelling.

Learn from my flight experience

As a travel blogger, I have been on many flights. Some of them were very uneventful, and I didn’t even notice a thing about them. Some are so full of events that it becomes very hard to even remember them. When you are a frequent flyer, you will always know what problems you can face in the air, or at an airport. But you will always know how to tackle them and find your way to your destination. The purpose of this article is to share my own personal flight experiences and different ways that can help you tackle them. So keep reading this article, and learn different tricks from my flying experience.

Securing discounted fares

Airlines are the best source of travelling. However, it is a sad reality that they are also very expensive. But as a frequent traveller, I have a trick up my sleeve that can help you to find cheap flight tickets offers. Always acquire your tickets from a renowned travel agency. If lucky, you may find a good discount on your ticket or other amazing travel offers such as cheap accommodation, car rentals, and transfers.

Comparing flights from an aggregator

Whenever you are searching for a flight, you need to compare all departing planes from your flight origin to your desired destination on an aggregator. These platforms are specifically for flight comparison so that you know which the most suitable flight is for you. You can also determine the different inflight entertainment and food services each airline company is providing. These small things and researches make a lot of difference to your overall flight experience. So make them count, and always travel conveniently.

Always see the best view from above

Most of the time people get so exhausted from standing in long lines of immigration or baggage check-in that they just sleep when aboard their plane. What they take back in memories are just those inconvenient moments, and I don’t blame them so. However, travelling is more than what we think about and experience. You need to see the best part of flying by observing mountain ranges and lakes from above. You should also enjoy taking off from your plane window by watching cities or even feeling the power of jet engine throttle above the grounds.

Everyone is bound to forget an uneventful airline flight by sleeping in Rome, and waking up in New York. But the best part is always going to be missed. So my advice to my esteemed readers is to always try to stay up, especially when taking off and descending to land. You don’t want to miss the actual fun of flying.

If travelling with children, know these tricks

When you travel as a family, your expenses are always going to rise above your tendency to afford. So always try to find travelling deals that are offered occasionally on airlines and travel agencies platform. If your kid is under 2 years of age, he or she can fly in your lap. However, it can also cost you around 25% off your own ticket. But there are always alternative such as flyer miles, which you can use to avail some discount on your ticket. Different airlines have a different policy, so rates can differ. For this reason, it is wise to check all your options first before purchasing your tickets.

Making an inch-perfect Itinerary

Whenever you are planning your trip, make sure you have an inch-perfect itinerary. An inch-perfect itinerary doesn’t mean that you have to be somewhere at every hour in your trip or availing every moment in your flight. You have to make a flexible itinerary that helps you to keep healthy margins between all the travelling transfers. Suppose if you are travelling from one place to another and you have to catch a certain flight, and you got your car’s tire flat. You are going to be late definitely, so make sure you have ample time to cover all those inconvenient minutes or hours on the road. You need to make a flexible itinerary, which enables you some time gaps between different travelling transfers and destinations.

Flying on Weekdays

I have noticed that whenever I am flying on weekends, my ticket is always going to cost more than it does on weekdays. I have also noticed more people travel on weekends, and not only planes are crowded, but also airports and hotels have limited space available. When there is more rush, the fares are always going to be higher. So for this reason, try to fly on weekdays instead of weekends. In this way, you can not only travel easily but also cheaply.

Online Check-in

By online check-in, you can easily avoid standing in long queues. Every airline offers its customer the service of online check-in, and if your ticket is confirmed, I recommend you to check in online. You just need to get the boarding pass and book your luggage.

Using a carry-on for short travel

When you are travelling for a week, or 10 days, you need to keep your luggage small and light. For this reason, always use a carry-on. It will help you save time as you will use it as a hand carry bag. You can keep an eye on your carry-on all the time, and managing it is also easy. Carry-ons are a part of modern and smart travelling, so be wise and use it for small duration trips.

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