Several Things to Watch for in Your Free Car Insurance Quote

Several Things to Watch for in Your Free Car Insurance Quote

Canadians love a good deal. It’s a always great to save during sale shopping, buying in bulk, enjoying a double coupon deal or opting for free shipping, especially when you can flaunt it to your family and friends. Buying insurance is no exception. Those who like to shop around for insurance will tell you how they found the best quote or how they’re saving hundreds of dollars on their premiums with smart strategies. However, when you’re seeking Free Car Insurance Quotes, there are some things to remember in order to avoid paying a lot more in case of an accident.

1. Go Beyond What You See After the Dollar Sign
It is a big motivator for everyone to free up some dollars from your household budget, especially if your auto insurance is costing a lot. However, it is important to remember that cheaper might not always be better. Sometimes, present savings can lead you to major coverage gaps in the future. Always check the coverage, inclusions and exclusions in the policy and make sure you select a company that will ensure faster and secure claims. You might save a few hundred dollars now but it might cost you several thousands of dollars in the long run if you don’t choose insurance wisely.

2. Don’t Just Get the Minimum Liability Coverage as Required by the Province
The minimum liability coverage in Alberta is $200,000; however, it might not be enough to cover all the damages in case of an accident. The amount beyond the limit of your policy is entirely your responsibility. If you can’t afford the additional expenses, you might have to sell off something of value or you’ll end up filing for bankruptcy. In case you own an older model that’s not worth a lot of money, you can skip on comprehensive or collision coverage but choose the best possible liability coverage when getting free quotes.

3. Buying Insurance Online
While it is a great idea to get free insurance quotes online and do some research on the web, it is always better to speak to someone before you buy your policy. You might not completely understand some terms online and if you make a purchase, you’ll have a lot of trouble later on. For instance, do you know the difference between replacement cost and actual cash value? Or what you might be missing out on by refusing mechanical breakdown coverage? When it’s about protecting your car and your finances, it is best to trust a broker, get all detailed information, ask relevant questions and only then buy your policy.

4. Disclosing the Right Information
Make sure you disclose any previous claims when asking for an insurance quote as if you forget to mention it and it is discovered later on, it can bump your premium rates. Also, you need to disclose all the drivers on your vehicle. If there are any unreported drivers, you’ll end up with a higher rate or your insurance might get dropped altogether. If you don’t give the right information, your free insurance quote will not stay valid and you’ll end up paying a lot more in the long run.

While a free insurance quote is one of the best ways to get affordable auto insurance, make sure to be careful about the policy, get everything in writing and ask for the available discounts to get he perfect deal.

to trust a broker, get all detailed information, ask relevant questions and only then buy your policy.

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