Rule of 5 W’s That You Should Follow Before Buying A Glass

Rule of 5 W’s That You Should Follow Before Buying A Glass

Perfectly clear glass can add more beauty to any place. In fact, it won’t be unfair to say that stunning glasses do affect our moods as well - where the best of them might be expensive but they can win our heart in an instant.

Over time, glasses have become an integral part of our lifestyle. From architecture to furniture, households, and even smart mirrors, they are dominating our preference. While there are so many options of glasses out there to choose from and how glass repairing services are also evolving constantly, consumers still overlook the basic requirements that they should follow when buying the appropriate glass for themselves.

So, here is an easy guide based on the rule of W’s which can help you a great deal in identifying the kind of glass that you really should buy considering the way you live in Wheaton IL.


More often than not, we choose glass just to satisfy our greed of making the outlook fancy. We completely undermine the fact that no matter how strong the glass is, as long as you have children or pets around, there is still a lot of risks involved with it.

Although there are options of glasses with extreme strength, yet if you are making a delicate choice for any part of your home or surroundings, make sure that you don’t forget the people who will use it.


Glasses come in all sorts of sizes, styles, shapes, and colors, but it all comes down to what we should really buy.

Tempered glass is considered as the safest option for two reasons; it cools faster than the regular glass and also breaks into tiny pieces as compared to sharp ones of normal glass, hence causing less destruction.

The same amount of concentration should be given to the shape of the glass. For instance, when buying glass for dining table, a square table can help keep the balance better than any other shape.

For a more elegant look, you can always choose designer glasses with fascinating artwork or you can even get it customized, just the way you want.


Buying a glass is one thing but taking care of it is a whole another task. Glasses come with an extra responsibility of cleaning them once in a while. The frequency can vary but to keep a frameless shower enclosure shining in your spa bathroom, you will have to some extra efforts to protect it.


The only W that people keep in mind before buying is where. Every place deserves a particular type of glass e.g. when buying glass for shower door, tempered is preferred over annealed for its strength. Another aspect that should be considered here is the weather around you. If the climate changes are extreme in your area, glasses might just not be a suitable option for windows or exterior.


There are people who still hesitate to buy glass without any specific reason. In case, if you are one of those and don’t have any problem in the above mentioned W’s, then it is time to bring more class and style into your homes. Glasses on the right place can capture more light and also increase space while giving a more minimalistic feel to the overall design.

In the end, buying glass is also a matter of patience as you can’t afford to buy a new one daily neither you can get it repaired every other day with a bad choice. It’s necessary that you think about the circumstances around you and then make the desired purchase.

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