Romantic Ideas to Propose Your Girl for Marriage

Romantic Ideas to Propose Your Girl for Marriage

We all are very well aware of the fact that a wedding day is the most important event in one’s life. Not only does it affects two individuals’ lives but also lives of their families and immediate relatives. Talking of weddings, we know how important is each and every event in one wedding which is why months are invested in making it a huge success. From wedding cards to decorations, wedding outfits to stage decorations, Food to hospitality, everything is planned par perfection as it is one of the essential things that comprise a wedding. Marriages in India being elaborate events involve a lot of pomp and show and are a matter of prestige in some cases. It is also the time to make all the dreams happen that we cherished as a child.

Though wedding preparations are alike in case of the bride and the bridegroom but this cannot be denied that preparations of bride are way more elaborate and cumbersome as compared to the bridegroom. She has to plan all the details even in her wedding outfit. Whether she must choose a slightly western outfit, a gown or stay highly traditional. Selection of a wedding outfit is not only affected by the choices of the bride but all those who have no relation to that outfit ever. It is because of this reason wedding outfit choices are so difficult to make. Though there are ample designs offered in the market but since the traditional Indian bride usually goes in for lehangas, we shall discuss a bit about bridal lehangas that you can flaunt on your wedding day and to the rest of your life. Mentioned below are some tips that you must keep in mind in choosing your bridal lehanga.

  • Decide what features you want to accentuate through your wedding lehanga. Each and every person has distinct features that we can flaunt through our wedding outfit. Some have a beautiful neckline, some like to wear sleeveless clothes. Choose carefully among the choices available.

  • Which fabric to choose? It also depends on the climatic conditions of the place where the wedding is taking place.

  • Style of draping is of utmost importance. It can accentuate or spoil the look of your lehanga. Drape dupatta in such a way that it highlights the body features that you want to flaunt.

Remember your choices differ from person to person and there cannot be an exhaustive list given to you to apply tips on selecting the appropriate wedding lehanga but these might be of some help.

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