Richard Branson’s Private Island That Is Changing The World

Richard Branson’s Private Island That Is Changing The World

Change Markers & Rule Breakers Event, CEO of Virgin Group

How would you relish a once in a blue moon entrepreneurial journey with Sir Richard Branson and a team of game changers?

The moment your phone beeps and you receive an invite to meet with Sir Richard Branson in his house and a chance to network with 30 of the world’s best entrepreneurs, it’s certainly a call you would want to take seriously. In truth, its one you would give your undivided attention to.

If your application is successful, you will be informed via a phone call where you would be invited to be a guest at an event at the home of the founder of Virgin Group in the serene Necker islands.

Background on Branson

The Dyslexic Branson has had an amazing and lustrous career. After quitting high school, he went ahead to establish his first business, Student magazine at the age of 15. Not long after, he co-founded the Virgin record store, which successfully transitioned into a record label. Mike Oldfield, was the first artist that was signed to the Virgin Records and his 15 million copies selling album Tubular Bell made an appearance on the soundtrack of The Exorcist. Branson took his business partners unaware when he declared his intention to delve into the airline industry after a highly decorated 10-year stint in business.

Over 50 years after his initial venture, Branson is the billionaire and chairman of the Virgin Group and he has chaired over 500 companies during this period - with his Virgin brand featuring in over 200 of them. Along with his wife Joan, he resides in the paradise known as the Necker Island.

An Island Paradise for Entreprenuers

At 28, Richard Branson discovered an uninhabited 74-acre piece of land. He went on to broker a deal in 1978 to buy it for a bargain price of around US$180,000 and later transformed it into a luxurious and extravagant resort. Presently, if you happen to have US$65,000 for pleasure, you can rent one of the 15-room property for a night and spoil yourself.

Necker Island draws stars from far and wide and those who have been widely echoed to have enjoyed a vacation on the island includes Hollywood celebrities like Eddie Murphy, Kate Winslet, Robert De Niro and Geena Davis; The late Diana, Princess of Wales; supermodel Kate Moss; in addition to statesmen such as Jimmy Carter, Tony Blair, Nelson Mandela and co-founder of Google, Larry Page, who also had his lavish marriage ceremony in 2007 on the island.

At this point, it is safe to conclude that Necker is perhaps the most exclusive and world-class resort in the world.

Hear a personal account of the experience:

Sydney Chiropractor Doctor Rosemarie Jabbour had this to say about her recent experience on the island:

“My goal is to transform people's lives so they can improve their health and live a better life. Going to Necker Island and mixing with like-minded people such as Sir Richard Branson gives me the inspiration to take my work to the next level,” Jabbour said.

‘Change Makers and Rule Breakers’ is the event that you could be invited to attend, with the intent of gathering some of the best entrepreneurial minds in the world and placing them in one of the most exotic places on earth. Introduce one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world into that very strong mix and this combination becomes to get very enticing.

The idea behind having natural and undiluted talent that can be erect empires for the future, discussing and spending time with Richard Branson – receiving lessons from an icon – should provide just enough drive to propel them to come up with great innovations and amazing ideas.

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