Revolutionary Devices for Oil and Gas Turnaround Administrators

Revolutionary Devices for Oil and Gas Turnaround Administrators

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, there are a number of cutting-edge technologies that shutdown and turnaround administrators can utilize, in order to guarantee optimal production levels at their facilities. These devices not only improve the speed at which industrial turnarounds can be completed, but also ensure a greater level of safety for all workers. The following article seeks to highlight just some of these revolutionary new gadgets and how they can be used to ensure superior results for all administrators tasked with routine or reactive shutdown and turnarounds of large industrial facilities.

1) Drones for data collection purposes

When drone technology first emerged, they were primarily associated with recreational activities. However, drones are now utilized in a whole range of different applications, including the military, where they can be implemented to safely traverse through hostiles zones for reconnaissance purposes, or even to attack enemy positions using mounted weaponry. Now, they are readily deployed by industrial maintenance companies, thanks to their ability to effortlessly glide through environments that would be otherwise difficult or even hazardous for humans to navigate (such as catalyst handling tasks at nuclear reactors) and their ability to provide and record real-time footage of their voyages, drones are becoming a vital tool for many industries. One such industry is the oil and gas industry, particularly for the purposes of data collection.

2) Software for updating and storing drone data

Just as crucial as the drones themselves are the purpose-built software packages that are used to retrieve and store the data. Drone software is able to automate what would normally be very time-consuming tasks. Drone software technology allows turnaround and shutdown administrators working for industrial services specialists working in the oil and gas industry, to perform their duties in a fraction of the time that traditional methods allowed.

3) Advanced web-based technologies

While the world wide web is nothing new, the advances in various technologies that have been specifically made for the oil and gas industries, are revolutionizing the industrial sector. With the help of these new innovations, personnel are able to extract and sort through captured data with meticulous precision. This heightening accuracy has resulted in drastic improvements for many areas of the oil and gas industry.

Why businesses should consider these new advancements

Among the most important aspects of the oil and gas industry, concerns the collection, storage and ease of access to all data. Through their ability to navigate tremendous heights and into areas that would otherwise provide dangerous to personnel - at great speed, all while capturing everything with their high resolution camera systems, drone technology has radically changed the way the industry gathers essential data. Coupled with advanced software that provides industry professionals the ability to instantly access the data that has been recorded and just as importantly, allows them to make sense of the data that has been retrieved.


These revolutionary new tools for oil and gas turnaround administrators to make use of on a daily basis, are having an enormous impact on the time it takes to accomplish many vital tasks. While the advent of drone technology to accomplish tasks that were previously performed by humans may appear to be detrimental, this allows companies to use their personnel for other tasks. While drone technology is hugely beneficial, drones are not self-guided, meaning that human personnel are still needed to operate them to ensure that data collection is performed correctly.

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