Residential Moving Checklist in Vienna, Maryland

Residential Moving Checklist in Vienna, Maryland

There are many companies that offer residential moving services in Vienna, Maryland. Examples include Around Town Movers, My Speedy Movers and many more. When using these residential moving services, here are some tips to follow:

1. Mark Everything You Need To Move

From your boxes of clothing, shoes or school books, label everything before making your first move. The finest way around this is to keep all goods very well organized. Pack each and everything in one area in the same type of boxes and mark the boxes so that they are put in the right room in your new house. If you still have some space left in one of your boxes, try to fight the urge to combine contents from different rooms and pack with extra support instead.

2. Extra Stuffing is Better Than Not Enough

It’s always good to use some extra bubble wrap and padding material than using material that is not enough. While we don’t support wasting materials, it’s better to overprotect your fragile materials and breakables than ending up with broken possessions.

3. Plan Ahead to Set Up Utilities

Ensure you t call ahead to try and set up the utilities in your new house before the day you move in with a residential moving service in Vienna MD. You will not only be more at home in your new house with the utilities in, but it will be much much easier for your movers to find their way around your new home with the lights on!

4. If You Don’t Use It Anymore, You Don’t Need it And or If It’s Broken, Get Rid of It!

Whether you will give out items you’re not using anymore or whether you’re discarding an item that’s slightly broken and chipped, take the chance to have a big clear out! You do not want your new life in your new home with rubbish that you’re just carrying around for the sake.

5. Be Ready By The Time Your Movers Arrive!

One of the most vital tips to follow is to be absolutely ready when your movers arrive. You are paying your movers probably for every hour in most cases hence you should do everything humanly possible to make your move very quick and smooth. You should have your boxes packed and ready, your overnight bag in hand, and avoid cleaning around your movers. Instead, leave this for a later date.

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