Reception Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

Reception Ideas for Outdoor Weddings

To celebrate outdoors under the bright blue skies, all natural decor and the romantic breezes is a dream of every couple. But in reality, a lot can happen while planning an outdoor wedding, the biggest of them all being the weather. There is always a chance that it might start to pour down on your wedding day. Here are some of the best tips for planning an outdoor wedding, that includes everything from devising a rain strategy to keeping guests comfortable, right from the beginning to the sweet end.


The most important thing when looking for an outdoor location is whether you will need a tent or not for holding the reception. Because having a tent can solve a lot of problems, as some guests may not be able to stand in the sun too long or maybe they simply want to rest a bit in the shade. On top of that having a tent will be like an insurance policy if the weather suddenly turns bad and it starts to rain. It can also prevent the cake and food from going bad in the open sun.

Another essential aspect is parking, and you need to make sure that there is adequate parking for all your guests. And they don't have to drive around to look for a parking spot or have to park so far that it takes ages to get to the wedding. And while we are on the point of cars, you also need a transportation for the bride and groom, so why not go with a wedding car hire service to get a luxury car that matches the locale perfectly.


For an outdoor wedding location, it is best to keep the decorations to a minimum. Nature's beauty already is sufficient, so you just need to complement it don't overtake it. Just make sure that all the hazardous decorations like the lanterns or candles are out of the reach of small children.

Put up some lightning for the night reception, make sure to keep it to the minimum. Simply highlight the area in such a way that your lighting enhances the natural beauty of the location. And anything that has wires should be kept out of the way so no one will trip over them.

Food and drinks

This is the one thing that solely depends on your budget, and you can go for a number of different choices all varying in there cost. The range is too wide from simply serving snacks to a full sit down dinner setting. The best and safest option is just to keep it simple, just remember that many people do judge the whole wedding by the type and quality of food and drinks that they served. For an outdoor wedding, the best option you could go for is a buffet of picnic foods or a hog roast with some finger sandwiches.

Keep dessert delectable

It is a wedding so having a cake for the celebration is obvious, but fluffy buttercream frosting can quickly turn gooey and runny in the heat. Either you can decide to go with fondant as the frosting for your cake instead or arrange for the cake to arrive just at the right time.

These are just some ideas that you can use when planning for a wedding or reception outdoor. There are many other options and variations that you can choose to bring to make your wedding stand out more and be truly unique. Like getting a Bentley hire as your wedding car service to make the best day of your life even more special and memorable.

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