Railmitra offers a complete package when it comes to planning your travel journey.

Railmitra offers a complete package when it comes to planning your travel journey.

Essentials Checklist to follow before Train Travel via Indian Railways

Being the fourth largest employer of the world and divided into eighteen major zones, The Indian Railways (IR) is operating throughout India and to some extent of International borders like Nepal and Pakistan. It is assumed that “Around 5% of the Indian population travels in train at any point of time”. This proves that the Indian Railways is the most preferred mode to travel throughout India. An exceptional role of railways can be seen in Mumbai where the entire city is connected by the local trains which have made life easier for the commuters to travel from their workplace to home. Another aspect of Railways can be seen in the form of Vande Bharat express which is a replica of bullet trains of Japan, reducing the journey time to the maximum. India is a country having a base of economic development where the population try to choose among optimum options within a given budget and so is our IR that provides various journey options along with digital solution in forms of apps and websites. The digital facilities introduced by the railways help the traveler to plan their short run and long run journey along with ordering food in train via apps for e-catering.

However, planning the elements of a train journey is not an easy task. Struggle to get confirm tickets under ARP (Advance Reservation Period), checking of available seats, packing of bags, knowing luggage rules etc. etc. and the list goes on.Now, the scenario has completely changed. There’s an app for every travel need. Either it’s a train journey or a journey by flight, every need of yours is embedded in an application for instant access to any information. There’re series of steps to be followed from planning a journey to executing in a right and comfortable manner. Here’re some essential checklists of activity to tick down for smooth travel planning.

Inquire/Book about Tickets: As we know that getting confirm tickets can become a struggle if not booked at correct time. IRCTC train ticket availability can be checked and booked online instantly. After inquiry, one can book tickets either via IRCTC official ticket booking website or via PRS counters. Once you complete this step, you are done with half of your work. There’re chances when you might get tickets in RAC or waitlist status. In such case get pnr status check for railway ticket on a regular basis till the date of journey.

It’s time to say “PACK UP”: You might have come across many videos and blogs which suggest you on how to pack your bags before traveling. Essential tips and requirements are to be packed first like dresses, first-aid medical kit, freshn up items, snacks and a digital camera. Pack as light as possible to carry and enjoy your journey. If you’re traveling with a baby or toddler, you need to carry their essentials too. Pack up and stay on for the happiest journey ever.

Get relevant travel apps installed on your smartphone: As we know that it’s the digital era where every service is hosted online, it becomes mandatory for the travelers to get apps like RailMitra where every train related inquiry service is available along with food ordering during the journey.

Check Train Schedule/PNR Status: There might be a probability of getting a train late. In such case, you don’t need to worry as you can check train schedule online. The online results are 99.99% accurate and authentic. You also need to check PNR status online till 30 minutes before the train’s departure, as tickets can be auto-upgraded in the next class.

Spot the correct position of your train: You feel delighted when the train starts its journey running at a lightning speed with natural scenery crossing by. At any point of time, you can check the train running status which gives you intricate details like the exact station at which your train is halting, time of arrival at next station, totalkilometerstraveled, and time to reach destination. You’ll not be dependent on the co-passengers for exact status of where the train is.

Enjoy your journey with convenience after completing these essentials. Download your favourite websiries or start making a playlist of your favourite songs and enjoy the beautiful natural creation from train’s window along with tasty cuisines served right at your berth.

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