Quick Tips for Understanding Siemens Fire Safety Equipment

Quick Tips for Understanding Siemens Fire Safety Equipment

Siemens is one of the most recognized names in engineering and construction. From high-tech medical equipment to high-voltage power management equipment, Siemens’ global influence is without doubt. If you’ve worked with fire prevention and safety systems, you likely know that Siemens is one of the leading manufacturers of fire prevention systems. What you might not know, however, is what types the illustrious company offers, or the differences between each type of system. This article will help you come to a basic understanding of what you might be looking at when researching Siemens fire safety equipment.

Smart Safety Systems
One of the most innovative offerings available for Siemens fire safety equipment is Siemens Cerberus PRO system. This monitoring and protection system is a “smart system” that incorporates the latest technology to help ensure that your buildings are the safest they can possibly be. Cerberus PRO systems feature text-based control panels that do not require extensive consulting of manuals in order to understand basic and important functions. These control panels display instructions and menus in plain text, meaning setting up your system safely is easier than ever. Additionally, Siemens fire control panels implement modern networking technology so they can be expanded and augmented into comprehensive fire prevention networks.

Cerberus PRO smart systems also incorporate Siemens top-of-the-line smoke detectors and heat detectors, which can easily be configured to automatically dispatch commands to alarm systems, chemical extinguisher systems, or water sprinkler systems to prevent the spread of a potential fire. What sets Cerberus PRO sensors apart from conventional sensors is that they actively and intelligently analyze air content to more accurately predict when a fire is actually present. This smart analysis prevents costly interruptions to business.

Conventional Siemens Fire Safety Equipment
If a smart system isn’t within your budget, or you work in an environment that better supports conventional systems, Siemens offers the TXR-320 alarm system. These conventional sensors can be flexibly configured to sense for either one or two fire warning signs and automatically initiate sprinkler or chemical extinguisher systems. These conventional sensors are easily connected to the TXR-320 conventional panel. These traditionally-styled fire system control panels come pre-configured for a number of possible use scenarios but also allow for customization by experienced users. Additionally, TXR-320 conventional control panels have a built in emergency power supply that can provide enough power to set off the alarm or notify administrators in the case of a power-related emergency.

Siemens fire safety equipment of the conventional system type can be augmented with some of the features of the smart systems as needed. For example, LCD display screens can be easily plugged into the conventional control panel to make for easier programming, without requiring an update to the Cerberus PRO monitoring and sensor system.

Legacy Systems
Siemens also offers support products for their legacy systems. While we strongly recommend purchasing modern systems for your building, if you already have a legacy system installed, it might be advisable to simply purchase replacement parts until a new system can be purchased. Siemens still offers such products to those who need them.

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