Pune Luxury Property- Is It A Wise Idea?

Pune Luxury Property- Is It A Wise Idea?

Pune slowly and steadily is developing in a realty market. With so many quality educational sectors and IT, people from all over the country and even the world are migrating there. Therefore, planting the seed of Pune becoming a prime city in the future. Also, as so many sectors are developing, big net worth industrialists and business people are showing interest in moving and settling in Pune.

Luxury flats for sale in Hinjewadi is a popular option among all and come with versatile amenities. With penthouses, duplexes and the various advantages that this city offers, many people are now looking forward to investing and buying luxury property in Pune, either as their primary home, an investment or even a second home. Though most buyers are from Mumbai and nearby, there is a huge section from all over the country as well.

Why Are Luxury Flats So Much in Demand?

When compared to luxury flats of other high-profile cities, the ones in Pune are quite cheaper, therefore is a great attractive point one considers. Also, the pleasant climate of Pune is a major point that has been attracting more and more investors and people looking to settle. In fact, in Mumbai, one has to install an AC against the humid climate but Pune is comparatively milder.

Also, the luxurious flats in Pune are a lot more spacious than one would find in Mumbai as the price per sq. ft is less than most luxury flats in Mumbai. Also, the city has developmental space and therefore more opportunities to go through options and also a great competition to satisfy clients.

Also, as the attraction of luxury flats and demand is great, the prices are a part of the constant appreciation. Also, unlike Mumbai, where land is less and densely populated, Pune has a lot to offer, it is not over-developed, is still developing, therefore there is a lot of scopes, it is not crowded and not polluted.

Also, as the size of Pune is small and compact, commuting is not a problem, even living at the outskirts of the city, reaching the heart of the city is not difficult and traffic is a lot more organized and maintained. Travelling is a breeze in Pune which saves a lot of time increasing the quality of life.

The Purpose Behind It

What is the purpose behind the rise of luxury flats in Pune? Why not Mumbai? What are people looking to invest in Pune? Most of the clients who show interest in investing in luxury flats for sale in Hinjewadi are financially sound and are urban folks who are working in Mumbai or any other metro city. Many are looking at it as a second home or a home where they could spend their weekends. Some prefer not spending money on a hotel or rentals but something more permanent. Also, some look forward to buying luxury property as a retirement home.

What Are The Prime Features In Luxury Flats In Pune?

People who buy such flats are looking for options that are not just restricted to budgetary constraints. One thing everyone wants would be classy, elegant and sophisticated luxury flats which comes with all the amenities one could think of. From elevators, 24x7 water, CCTV being the basic ones. Dedicated swimming pool, gyms, walking track, café, restaurant, supermarket, outdoor sports facility, water bodies are some of the added ones.

What Are The Major Areas?

There are some designated areas in Pune where luxury flats are seen more in number than anywhere else. Before one wanted flats in the city hub as it was convenient. This would include places like Koregaon Park, Prabhat road and others. While most now prefer some areas, which are located at the outskirts, noted for having less pollution and more tranquillity. Therefore, the most popular areas now would be Ambegaon, Hinjewadi, Baner, Kharadi, Wakad and others.

Therefore, yes, buying luxury flats in Pune would be worth all the money you would be investing. But if you are a first-time buyer, consulting expert real estate agents is a wise idea.

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