Pros Of Luxury Vinyl Hardwood Floors

Pros Of Luxury Vinyl Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are expensive but when it comes to getting them in a budget, luxury vinyl fits the bill.

Luxury vinyl is an awesome mean to breathe a new life into your floors. Not only are these inexpensive but also extremely durable. There are also endless varieties of designs and patterns when it comes to luxury vinyl.

In this article, I will be giving you a few main advantages of going with luxury vinyl flooring. This kind of flooring is also easy to install but if you have no experience of floor installation then it is better to call professional hardwood flooring companies in Provo UT. The professionals will take care of the installation for you.

Let’s start with the pros.


The price is the main aspects of vinyl flooring that makes it attractive to homeowners. By going with vinyl flooring instead of real wood you have the option to save a few thousand dollars on the material and installation in the least.

According to a general estimate, the cost of vinyl flooring is nearly half when compare d to the cost of getting a real hardwood flooring installed in your home.


When it comes to variety in the designs and patterns, vinyl has it all. It doesn't matter what kind of look you have in mind unless it's something really crazy, you can surely find the design or patterns you are looking for.

The range of choices comes in handy when you have to match the flooring to the rest of the articles that are present in the house.

A few of the famous designs of vinyl are:

• Vinyl Flooring Resembling Wood Patterns
• Vinyl Flooring Resembling Tiles
• Vinyl Flooring Resembling Stone


In tiles flooring and wood flooring, there is little room for error. A single mistake can have huge repercussions. But when it comes to the installation of the vinyl flooring it is somewhat easier than the other two.

Just make sure that you have proper experience and training before you decided to attempt a DIY installation. Vinyl planks also have a locking mechanism that allows them to lock themselves in place one fitted on the floor.

The tiles can be custom fitted in places. This can be easily done by cutting the tiles with a simple knife. The installation process is simple but time-consuming. So, if for some reason you don't have the time you can call a company for the luxury vinyl plank in Provo UT to visit your home and install the floor for you.

Professionals know exactly what material to use and how to deal with difficult situations regarding the installation.


The durability of the vinyl flooring is a thing to be reckoned with. The vinyl is very durable and versatile. It works great in the kitchen and bathroom settings. It can easily take care of spills and is very to clean.

The flooring also does not scratch easily. So, if you have pets in your home this flooring is a great option.


The floor can handle washing, sweeping and vacuuming. Other than these there is also no need to perform any other kind of cleaning techniques. Proper sweeping and vacuuming are more than enough to maintain the floors.

There is also not need to vax or seal the floors. Unlike other kinds of flooring, vinyl also does not require any kind of refinishing.


When it comes to comfort in colder temperature vinyl does a really good job. Vinyl has the ability to maintain its temperature. In winter you don't have to worry about the chilly floors if you have luxury vinyl installed in your home. The floor maintains its temperature and does not get too cold in winter.

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