Preparing your garden for Autumn

Preparing your garden for Autumn

If you’re relatively new and inexperienced to the world of gardening, it’s necessary to understand there are steps you need to take to prepare your garden for every upcoming season. In landscaping stockton on tees, there’s a variety of different steps to take when preparing, however they do differ depending on the season that is coming around the corner. If you need to gain some insight, landscape gardeners middlesbrough have put together some of their best advice when it comes to getting your garden ready for the colder months this year.

One of the most important things to be getting on with involves pulling up your annual flowers you potted. It does seem sad and counterproductive to do this, however it’s necessary to carry out as annuals don’t tend to survive the Autumn season and especially not winter. Because of this, it’s a good idea to pull up as many of your annuals as you can, as this can ultimately create more room in your garden for spring and summer. This too helps with preparation for Spring, saving you a fair amount of time and bending over work. Additionally, if you have any plants you want to pot for the winter to help keep it flourishing, you’ll then have plenty of room for garden landscaping darlington. Lastly, with annual removal, you can build up a good compost store ready for springtime.

Similarly, it’s important to cut back any perennials you have potted in your garden. The reason for this, that landscape gardeners middlesbrough emphasise, is due to their ability to survive through frost and harsh weather conditions. Perennials can survive a lot and so they need cutting back, as they can certainly overgrow much of your garden- making it a nightmare to sort when it comes to Spring.

No matter where you go in your garden, you’ll almost certainly find weeds! Whether they’re in your garden’s flower beds, lining your paving stones or growing out of your lawn, weeds need addressing sooner rather than later. In most instances, if you don’t get your weeds sorted before Winter, your landscaping stockton on tees tasks come springtime will be a lot more difficult. Some key things to remember when weeding is to remove the entire weed including the root, and if there are any weeds which are persistent, opt for a weed killer suitable for that species- landscape gardeners middlesbrough can help you find the right one.

If you have any garden furniture, especially if it’s made from wood, it’s a good idea to cover and protect it appropriately. The main reason for this comes down to the harsher weather conditions of Autumn time, and due to the increased amount of moisture in the air, protecting it becomes even more important. Typically, if wood is exposed long enough, it can develop moss and mould which can eventually lead to wood rot. So, to keep your furniture looking tip top to fit in with the rest of your landscaping darlington design, cover it for Autumn!

Again, due to the harsher weather conditions that Autumn brings, it’s important to protect any young trees you have planted. To start with, landscaping stockton on tees professionals recommend the best way to protect young trees and plants to survive the Autumn and winter, is to wrap the trunks with tree-guarding wraps. This way the frost can’t as easily get to the trunks and cause it to die.

Lastly, to help you gain a head start when it comes to fertilizing your garden in Spring, it’s a good idea to start a compost system. With this, if you already have some stored, you can utilise it for covering your flower beds for the Autumn. Landscaping darlington experts recommend this covering as it can ultimately protect the roots of your plants from the frost getting to them.

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