Playing With Your Cat: How Long Per Day

Playing With Your Cat: How Long Per Day

Playing with your cat: how much time per day? How much time do you spend playing with your cat? Even though they have the reputation of being independent and autonomous animals, cats need to share accomplice moments with their owner and with the other members of the household, on a daily basis. In addition to helping him maintain good health, having fun with cats allows him to build a solid and privileged relationship over the years. If there are a multitude of cat toys and games on the market, you can also find your own ideas for playing with your cat. How much time should we devote to these accomplices?

Why Play With Your Cat?

As a loving master, you are concerned about the well-being of your cat on a daily basis: you offer him a diet adapted to his age and his needs, you ensure that he enjoys quality sleep ... moving and playing regularly with your pet helps him maintain good health, regardless of age.

To keep him busy and in good shape some games allow your cat to awaken his hunting instinct. Barely a few weeks old, the kitten naturally begins to hide in strategic places and to fight with other kittens. It then learns to chase and run, leap and jump on its prey (its prey taking the form of more or less animated objects). Throughout its life, the feline is animated and guided by its predatory instinct. He never hesitates to chase a butterfly or a fly, even when he becomes older and less skillful. True physical activity, play is also a good way to avoid weight gain in cats.

Obesity can easily affect cats that live in apartments, who never go out and do not exercise enough. In addition to reconnecting it with its primary instinct, offering your cat games where he must catch a moving object will allow him to move and keep himself in good health. These moments of activity will help him to work his heart, muscles, bone system and nervous system. He can then naturally enjoy a restful and healthy sleep.

To have an accomplice relationship with him playing with your cat on a regular basis also helps to build and maintain an accomplice relationship with him, based on exchange and trust. Indeed, when you play with your cat, you give it a special moment, during which you are completely available and fully attentive to it.

You improve their self-confidence and allow them to be more fulfilled on a daily basis. A happy cat will naturally be less sensitive to stress. On the other hand, an animal that shares moments of complicity with its master will be less likely to be bored, to turn in circles and possibly cause some damage (by climbing the curtains, by making its claws on a sofa, by walking on high furniture at the risk of knocking over precious objects…).

How To Play With Your Cat?

Before wondering how long to play with your cat, you need to know what types of toys to use! You can invest in several special cat games. But you can also imagine and make a toy for your furball yourself

Investing in Cat Games and Toys Today there is a multitude of accessories, toys, and games for cats on the market. Easy to find, they are especially aimed at felines and are designed to stimulate their predatory instinct and their legendary agility. The best-known cat toy is without a doubt the cat cane. Its principle is simple: it is a cane (wooden or plastic) at the end of which is attached a string (or a cord). At the end of this rope is attached to a small ball, a feather, or a mock cloth mouse. When you move the rod, the little accessory comes alive and simulates the movements of a real prey: your cat does not know where to turn! The removable kibble dispenser is also one of the best cat toys.

The cat must succeed in bringing out the two or three kibbles placed in the cylinder, or in the small holey box. You can also spend a pleasant time with your little companion by teaching him to use a cat tree or a scraper, installed high or on the ground. The perfect opportunity to teach him not to bite or scratch when playing with him! Finally, you can offer him chewy treats, a cuddly toy or a noisy mouse. To find out how long to wait after neutering to play with your cat, contact your veterinarian.

Set up a fun and entertaining activity for your pet a cork stopper, a paper ball, a tissue box, a paper bag, a ball of yarn, an old ping pong ball, a pen cap or old cardboard: there are many everyday objects that can amuse your cat for hours! They just need to succeed in arousing their predatory reflexes. You can also make him a cat cane or a fabric faux mouse, stuffed with catnip. Do not hesitate to organize small obstacle courses for him, by making him climb on a chair, go under a tunnel or under a cardboard bridge, jump on cushions. All these activities will allow him to naturally regain his hunting instinct. To be sure that you can easily entertain your furry ball, consider varying the toys and activities that you offer. Put the games away when you have finished playing with your cat and do not bring them out until a few days later.

How Long To Play With Your Cat Per Day?

The number and duration of the moments of play that you devote to your pet will obviously depend on his age and his physical condition. If possible, try to play with your pet regularly, several times a day.

Playing with your cat every day how long to play with an apartment cat? The main thing is to pay daily attention to your pet on a regular basis. He must feel that it is part of your life, that it occupies an important place in your daily life and in your home. On average, you can try to play with your cat for at least 20 minutes a day, an hour is ideal! Without taking too much time, this will allow you to build close and solid bonds with your feline. Twenty minutes of daily physical activity will also allow your cat to maintain its healthy weight and contribute to its good health. Playing with your kitten an hour a day also allows you to bond a strong relationship with him, based on bonding and trust. If you can't play with your cat every day, consider leaving one or more toys available when you are away. Finally, be sure to give him clear access to a window, so that he can easily observe his external environment. Being able to climb in height will also allow him to feel safe when you are not at home.

Playing with your cat several times a day Cats spend a large part of their day resting and sleeping. When awake, they can tend to go around in circles, especially when they live in an apartment. To keep your furry ball entertained, you can organize two or three play sessions per day, lasting ten minutes each. In general, cats are particularly active early in the morning, or late at night: this corresponds to hunting hours in the wild (again, it depends on the age and general health of your animal). Try to spend a few minutes with your cat in the morning, before leaving for work, for example.

If you play with him just before going to bed, you can hope that he will then be in the same state of fatigue as you. On the other hand, never wake your cat to play! He will inevitably lack motivation and you will surely blame him for having pulled him from the arms of Morpheus. A kitten can get tired or tire more quickly than an adult cat. To adapt to your young age, favor several small play sessions per day, between 5 and 15 minutes each time. You can thus offer him more or less physical play routes, or activities allowing him to develop his intellectual capacities.

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