Planning a Honeymoon Visit These 5 Island Destination near India

Planning a Honeymoon Visit These 5 Island Destination near India

The honeymoon is something that makes two couples share more time together sharing interest, love and compassion. So choosing the right place for Honeymoon is very important to make it dreamlike. Book your tickets through online flight booking portal to make your honeymoon worthwhile and hassle-free.

Choosing Island for Honeymoon is the ideal option. You can share sometime in complete relaxation away from human activity. You can also partake in many water activities and adventurous things where you can both be a part of the same road.

Here is a list of 5 island destination where you can hold your partner’s hand and walk on the beach:


Nested within the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is an ideal treat for having a healthy mind and soul. It is hard to escape from the breath-taking mix of ancient historical ambience and sandy beaches.

The mesmerizing background magnifies the beauty of Bali is true sense. Fancy exotic temples and palaces stunningly hold the beauty of this place.

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island comprises a group of Six Islands. Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lee are the most acclaimed ones. Phi phi invites bag packers and travellers to enjoy its relaxing ambience.

The islands are also ultimate party and bustling destination. Blended with traditional Thai flavour, this island is one of the best places to enjoy holidays with the person you love. The online international flight booking portal includes all interesting activities to make your stays worthy.


If you are looking for a place where you can have scores of bustling nightlife and spine-chilling activities, then Pattaya should be your next halt. Unarguably Pattaya is love at first sight. With time immemorial, Pattaya’s party status has seemed to be changed into mostly family oriented vacation destination giving it more tourism touch.

The white sandy shores and blue crystal clear water will give you an irreplaceable peace of mind.


Mauritius is one of the most talked destinations for honeymoon goers. This Paradise Island is so wonderful with virgin beaches that you will get ample amount of secluded ambience encircled by colourful lagoons, and unparalleled natural beauty.

The paradise-like Island has everything starting from blue beaches, the wildlife, everything is worth-exploring. You can also take a car to roam around the city of your own.


When you plan to spend a quality of time together, there is no place better than the Philippines. Through Airline Ticketing Portal, you can book tickets for Philippines easily. Adorned with leisure, adventure, and abundant scenic beauty, this Southeast Asian country is a must visit for all couples around the world.

Sitting in the beachfront will create a romantic mood bringing the two of you closer and giving a relaxing time together.

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