Plan Your Honeymoon on These Exotic Locations

Plan Your Honeymoon on These Exotic Locations

Wedding is the most beautiful event in one's like. People busy in lots of prepations whether its distributing wedding cards, or go on shopping or deciding wedding theme or venue. but ,after tying the knot and end of the wedding event, the very next event which is mostly planned is a honeymoon. This trip requires planning. However, as per your budget, you can plan your honeymoon destination. There are many places all over the world where a couple can celebrate their love and soak up each other’s company. Here, in this article, we have elucidated about honeymoon destinations so that you can plan and celebrate your incredible romantic vacation outside India.

a) Lucerne and Paris: World of Fantasies, synonymous and architectural beauty

A trip to Switzerland is the perfect place for the most romantic vistas. If you wish to have classic romance along with the best chocolate, wine etc then the experience in the city of Paris is best in the face of the earth. You and your spouse alone in this stunning and striking country can experience endless fun and pleasure. The city of love, Paris will surely thrill you with the exciting hotels, cultural events, and exceptional nightlife.

b) Mauritius: A heaven on earth with serene beaches and blue ocean

Most of the couples put Mauritius on the top of the honeymoon destination list. Mauritius has peaceful beaches, endless serene of blue ocean, and is nothing less than heaven on earth. Mauritius is a perfect place for relaxing and making the honeymoon trip. There are luxury hotels, pristine beaches, mild weather, and a chance for you and your spouse to rejoice and regenerate the love after restless wedding schedule. There are endless things to do, and a lot of fun can be created between you and your partner in the midst of Mascarene Islands.

c) Maldives: White sand and glamorous beaches

Whether it is wedding or honeymoon, Maldives is the best destination to begin your fairytale. The cool beaches near the Indian Ocean and luxury stay will make your day an epic time. The most striking factor of Maldives is its weather which is always colorful and peaceful. The Maldives is one of the finest places to explore nature and rejoice the tropical honeymoon. After the complete wedding affair from Indian wedding cards to reception menu, you can relax and have a romantic affair with your partner on the beautiful seaside of Maldives.

d) Bali: A superlative gateway and a world of beauty and lights

Bali is another destination which is more than a paradise. The charming and fun-filled environment of Bali makes it different from other destinations. You are your partner can go cycling together on the village roads through the greenery. Bali is a complete fusion of culture, adventure, and spirituality. This tropical paradise has an exotic beach and will definitely give you exclusively unique experience. This place is a worthy trip and it has a blend of love and fun in its air.

e) Phuket and Krabi: Beaches of Thailand and much more to see the sights

Thailand is again most popular honeymoon destination. You can do lots of shopping and enjoy the ecstasy beachside place in Thailand. To create romance and tender, on the islands of Thailand that are beyond the imagination. The two beaches of Thailand which are Phuket and Krabi are ideal destinations for the young couple. You can explore the cultural themes, food, and nightlife of Thailand. There are lots of options available in Thailand. The mesmerizing beauty of Thailand and chilly wind will blow your mind. After the hectic wedding event, you can relax on the delightful beaches of Thailand.

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