Photo Source Men's Guide: 5 Styles to Wear on a First Date 2018

Photo Source Men's Guide: 5 Styles to Wear on a First Date 2018

They say that a good first impression can work wonders. This is very applicable when we show up on first dates. Dressing sharp for your date shows your respect. You have the decision to take the time to look your best because you can’t make the woman you’ll be meeting for the first time to like your personality. We are sure that she’ll be spending a lot of time making sure that she’s dressed well and presentable— the least you can do is return the favor. So if you’re going out on a date with a woman, dress like a man. You want to communicate with how you dress that you want to take her seriously. Here is a guide that you’ll want to consider if you want to make a good impression whatever the venue is and what to wear on a first date and look great.

Laid-back Look for Casual Meet Up

You know what usually happens after a Friday night when you get home, you snuggle up and turn on Tinder and probably fall in love with the person you swipe right on. After talking, you two decided to commit to a real date, not the 'Netflix and chill' thing but the real date where you plan to meet at the local pub the next day. That day comes and you got an hour to get ready and you have no idea what to wear.

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This is just very simple, so don’t panic. Aim for a low key look but you want to show that you’ve also made an effort to impress her, so don’t go too far! You can go for a pair of smartly-cut jeans in a soft shade of faded blue that will look nice with chunky boot socks and a pair of sneakers. If you have a sweatshirt or a knitted long sleeve top that looks a bit good but not in a menacing way, go partner them together. Your hair can be on the right side of bedhead or you can give it a bit of a look that you’ve just woken up from a hangover but in a tousled way.

Dapper Man for Fine Dining

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This is not really a recommended date if it’s just your first, but it’s the same if you want to get the girl, you have to take the extra mile, right? If you’re taking her to an expensive restaurant, it’s appropriate to keep it simple yet stylish with a suit. So how can you do that? You can play around with proportion and fabrics. You can look for an oversized pinstripe blazer which will look amazing with traditional trousers, the one that’ pleated and tapered, teamed with a long navy sock and a derby!

Comfy Outfit on Coffee Date

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We’re sure that most of us have been there already! Have you experienced a time when you were so busy that you kept on moving your date twice, and by the third movie, you suggested for just a half an hour slot on a Wednesday afternoon that might be near your office? Yes, we can relate! You put on your most comfortable-yet-awesome outfit to give a little lack of interest but also show how cool you are. This coffee date you have no intention of continuing to change real quick when you have realized how amazing they are in real life compared to the terrible communication you had online. You panic but thank God that you’ve worn a fly tracksuit on your date! If they don’t see the value in that, then you might want to go and change since your place is just next door, after all.

Old-School Style on Burger Date

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Are you on the friend zone stage? You’ve been friends for years, but you just get to hang out in groups. And there you are from afar, admiring her. You had plenty of one-on-one time but never really made it where the two of you are on a real date. After being persistent, finally, you’ve convinced her to meet you for a burger date at the local burger joint in which your hopes are high to remove you out of the friend zone.

The solution for which style to pick here is to not make too much effort with your dressing. The key here is to pick a masculine with a clever layer to demonstrate effort but remember, not too much effort. Flight jackets may give a feeling of old-school confidence or if you want to get a bit playful you can opt for a knitted jacket with layerings that can show off your sensitive side. Keep it chill and natural and don’t forget that you should be the one to pay at the end. Don’t rush to invite her home straight afterward. It may take a few more low-key friendly dates to convince her on a real romantic date. So what’s the next date? Pizza night?

Chill Wear on Stroll Date

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Also known as the ‘walking date’, make sure that you wear a really good pair of running trainers so that you can sprint away as fast as you can should things get awkward because what kind of weirdo suggests a walking date? But this kind of romantic date is great for the two of you to get to know each other as you walk and talk about your interests and stuff. You can wear cool jogger pants instead of jeans so you’re more comfortable. After that walk, maybe you can grab some pizza and burgers.

A man on a first date should always make sure that he is confidently well-groomed, dressed sharp, but not too much focused on his appearance. But what’s more important is that you can still be yourself and have a great time with the woman you’re with.

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