Odoo Customization: What it is and Why You Should Care

Odoo Customization: What it is and Why You Should Care

There was a time when you could say that technology was spreading outwards. Software solutions, in particular, were spreading like wildfire, with a different industry adopting them every day. Then came the dot com crash. Businesses folded upon the promise of a new world that came with the advent of the internet. This loss of faith greatly overshadowed the internet age.

Today presents a different scenario. Technology is converging. Companies from the Fortune 500s to start-ups are all focused on bringing the different products and services together. The idea is to have them work in synergy by communicating with each other without human involvement.

The possibilities with this convergence are endless. However, in a lot of cases, the result is shabby and unappealing. So, when we say that Odoo is a beautiful suite of applications, we say this to highlight it as quite an achievement.

A quick glance at their website will give you a fair idea of the extent of applications provided by Odoo. It boasts that the apps work seamlessly with each other to serve as an all-in-one management tool. Naturally, a question may arise, why would you need Odoo Customization Services?

The answer is manifold because of the different use cases of the product. It is only natural to expect this, considering that our subject is a suite comprising of 30+ different apps. Let us go through the various factors one by one:

Odoo Website Development

First off, we have website development. We need a website that has rich graphics and smart features. At the same time, it should make optimum use of the available resources.

Odoo Store Development

There are enough cases to prove that your retail store needs an outlet on the internet. Odoo Customization Services helps you to set-up an elegant interface that gets your customer hooked to the website. When browsing through the entirety of your catalog, the user is bound to come across an item that he absolutely must purchase.

Odoo App Development

We live in impulsive times. You can fuel your customer’s impulsive drive by providing them an easy to navigate window shop in a form of mobile apps. Let the users customize and share your designs, leading not just to sales but brand awareness as well.

Odoo Theme Development

You are definitely going to need a theme. Both for the front-end and back-end. It’s about more than just the aesthetics. Every single interaction that a customer has with your store has to be uniform. It becomes part of your brand identity.

Odoo Implementation

Odoo being a huge enterprise software, is difficult to implement by yourself. When you hire an Odoo developer, you get your suite set-up to your specifications timely and hassle-free. This gives you a ready to use solution so that you may start using promptly.

Odoo Module Development

No matter how exhaustive and feature-rich Odoo gets, there are always going to be industry-specific modules that you may need. You may hire an Odoo developer to help you fix this. A developer will help you to set-up these modules in accordance with your needs.

These are a few use cases for Odoo development. Based on these, one may define Odoo development as any service that adds to its functionality and/or usability. While the suite itself is pretty comprehensive, the services offered under the umbrella term of Odoo customization services, too demand special consideration. You need to consider the extent to which your instance of Odoo needs configuration. You can determine this by weighing the various factors such as the scale and size of your project.

Before you approach or hire an Odoo developer you need to evaluate these things internally with your co-founders and your tech team. But whatever combination of services you may choose, it is likely to be an on-going relationship with the developer since your Odoo environment will need the occasional tweaking and in some cases a makeover.

Having the same developer run maintenance and support will make sure that he takes care of your software needs in a timely and professional manner.

Odoo can be a great asset or a meaningless liability. It all depends on how it is settled up and used. A seasoned developer will take the time and effort to understand your specific problems and offer a solution by making use of the Odoo modules. On the other hand, if it is not implemented properly, the comprehensive modules can trap you in an unpleasant back and forth cycle with the developer. Adding to the overall cost. This is how it may end up costing more than a “costly’ developer.

It should be quite interesting to observe how Odoo develops as a “comprehensive” suite with the evolution of technology. The fascination aside, make sure to pick a developer who can adapt to the changing times.

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