Number of Hair Transplantation One Can Get in a Lifetime

Number of Hair Transplantation One Can Get in a Lifetime

Are you looking forward to getting the hair transplantation treatment? If yes, then you need to know something about it. There are various people who get confused about the number of treatment they can get. It totally depends on your skin and you can take the help of a professional dermatologist in order to know about how many times you can get hair transplantation in your life.

How Many Hairs Transplantation a Person Can Get in Whole Life?

There are only a limited number of hair follicles available at the donor area of a person. The donor area of the scalp is located at the back of the head and the top of the scalp is the recipient area. The number of graft options available for any person is totally dependent on the baldness of a person. The people who have got a number of balding patterns on their scalp can’t get hair transplantation for more than one or two times in their lifespan. Make sure that you take the help of best hair transplant clinic in Chennai like DermaClinix.

Both men and women can opt for the hair transplantation treatment as it is reliable and totally effective irrespective of the gender. Various studies and researchers have been made regarding the number of hair transplantation treatment a person can get in his lifetime. Mainly, a person who is middle-aged can only get two or three surgeries in his lifetime and that is also to the maximum number.

A younger person can get hair transplantation treatment many times and it depends on the growth of hair follicles on the scalp of the patient. You can also check the previous best hair transplant before after results provided by a surgeon as this would enable you to get an idea if you should get the treatment from the particular dermatologist or not.

What Complications Which are Related to Hair Transplantation Surgery?

There are some of the side-effects which you might face if you don’t get the treatment done from best hair transplant doctor in Chennai. So, you need to make sure that you consult the right doctor always.

Here are Some of the Complications You Will Face After Choosing the Wrong Dermatologist:

  • Swelling of the scalp with bleeding
  • Infection and bruising near eyes
  • Itchiness and numbness
  • Crust formed on the various areas of the scalp
  • The un-natural look of hairs.

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