Number of Duty Hours of Physicians an Important Factor for Prospective Medical Students

Number of Duty Hours of Physicians an Important Factor for Prospective Medical Students

Students of yesteryears don’t have to fear much regarding their studies. Nowadays there are many issues that students need to pay attention to and have to leave out the distractions like social media tools to study harder. It is also necessary as the competition now is very tough and many students just couldn’t get an admission as they are not able to pass out the entrance test or MCAT by a few numbers no matter if you applied for the best Caribbean medical school or any other one.

Students opting for a degree in medicine need to follow a strict studying regime and throughout their studies, they can’t relax. This blog is for students who haven’t decided yet on whether to become a physician in their future or go for another field in the medical science. One of the prime questions/queries in their mind and the thing that many prospective students have an apprehension about is the timings of the doctors in hospitals and medical institutes.

How many Hours a Doctor/Physician has to Work?

There is no definite answer or figure that I can offer to you. It all depends upon the type of medical field you have chosen for your specialization. Let me offer you an example so that you can know what I am trying to connote. If you want to work in a clinic or a daycare center with defined hours or become a physician in the ER of any hospital with defined shifts. But choosing a specialty/subspecialty that you enjoy is important as you need to decide what you want to pursue and in turn you will know about the number of working hours you have to work.

In general, practicing physicians who work full time and want to earn a lot of work approximately 55-60 hours per week, and usually the number of working hours tends to vary by specialty. This is because of the same reason mentioned in the above paragraph. Your specialty is what works in this regard.

So Long Working Hours are the Order of the Day for Medical Professionals?

Not really. As I have discussed above, it all depends on your specialty. But if you are working in the ER/Gynecology/Pediatrics, you need to be mentally prepared about long hours as these departments usually get emergency cases that the doctor/paramedical staff on duty has to deal with. And they can’t leave the duty without explaining everything about the next shift supervisor or doctor on duty.

Sometimes the work day can be extremely long, and many physicians are expected to be on call at a particular time during the week or day. Occasionally, where the on-call responsibility is shared with a larger number of physicians, flexibility can be observed. But the commitment to a medical career is significant and that’s why many physicians opt for working for long hours to serve the humanity and also have a good impression on the management of the hospital where they are working.

Final Word

If you are still not sure about how much longer you’ll have to work once you become a physician, please forward me your query asking specifically what you want to know. You can provide your valuable feedback too by using the comments section below.

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