Nose And Paw Balm For Your Dog

Nose And Paw Balm For Your Dog

The holidays are great fun and a great excuse to get mountain garden botanics creative and make pet-themed gifts for your friends and loved ones. You want to make them feel special, but you also want to make sure they aren't overwhelmed by all the fancy gift boxes and wrapping paper they're seeing everywhere. So how do you do both? Use natural products instead of harsh chemicals. Get HOWND skin's special brand of Peppermint and Stick Your Nose And Paw Balm.

If you think that Peppermint and Stick-Your Nose-And-Paw balm have only one purpose and that's to eliminate dry nose and itchiness, think again! They're also wonderful for treating allergies and rashes. Natural ingredients found in Peppermint and Stick-Your Nose-And Paw balm and Hemp by HOWARD Skin will soothe, protect and hydrate your dog. They're 100% all-natural, safe, fast-absorbed, and effective. You'll use them to help shield your pooch's nose, eyes, inner ears, feet, and any other exposed skin from UV and UVA rays.

Howards' unique formulation is combined with botanical ingredients including Peppermint and other minty smell that help soothes irritated skin, relieve itching, and calm down flaky, dry skin. Peppermint is known for its antiseptic properties, so it's wonderful for treating cuts, scrapes, and burns. The extracts in Peppermint and Stick-Your Nose-And Paw balm to relieve itching from dog coughs and other irritations, while mint extracts absorb excess moisture and help eliminate odors.

Shea Butter is another important ingredient in HOWARD Skin products. This natural, edible butter is highly beneficial for humans, too. Its emollient qualities help moisturize dry skin around the eyes and reduce inflammation. Like peppermint, Shea Butter is completely natural and safe for dogs, even of different breeds. In addition, Shea Butter has antibiotic and antifungal properties, which make it a useful treatment for candida, ringworm, and other fungal infections.

Pet owners can treat their pets at home, as well. HOWARD Skin products are easy to use. Simply apply the balm in a regular ointment or drop the compact in a warm water bottle and shake gently before use. If you prefer, you may also add some drops of peppermint or mint extract to the formula, but make sure these ingredients aren't going to be harmful if ingested. After all, you want your dog's paws and nose to be clean and smell fresh, not smelling like an over-ripe, stale orange.

The HOWARD Skin Products for paws and nose includes a variety of items meant to be used specifically for puppies and older dogs. These items include a special saline solution to keep the paws moist while waiting to go on walks; a comfortable dog boot; a collection of hand-moisturizing washcloths; and several helpful "treat" recipes including one with wheatgrass juice and tomato paste. It's easy to see how this product would quickly become a hit among pet owners who are looking for convenient, soothing skincare that doesn't require the feeding, cleaning, and brushing that dogs require on a daily basis. And it's something that can easily be used throughout the year, rather than just once or twice per month.

Another great aspect of HOWARD Skin products for paws and nose is that they have an array of scents for just this purpose. By using the paw balm alone, or in combination with other soothing treats, dogs can calm down and literally "warm their paws" with the various scents. That way, the paws don't end up feeling raw or sore from rubbing against metal, hot furniture, etc., which is often the case when dogs are forced to use pathways that they aren't naturally accustomed to. This can lead to significant discomfort, and the need to seek out canine orthopedic treatment.

The two-piece multi-purpose Balm for the nose and paw is easy to use, as well, thanks to its clinically proven all-natural ingredients. The all-natural ingredients include Capuacu Butter, Shea Butter, Natural Vitamin E, Capuacu Pearls, Mistletoe, Aloe Vera, Resveratrol, Aloe Vera Juice, Vitamin A, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamin B5, Zinc Sulfate, Dandelion Root Extract, and White Willow. All of these ingredients work together to provide dogs with an overall soothing sensation and to promote healing of any type of skin irritation, whether from hot weather, intense exercise, or even dry winter air. The soothing balms work just as well without adding any extra irritating elements to the dogs' bodies.

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