Natural ways to achieve healthier and stronger teeth

Natural ways to achieve healthier and stronger teeth

It would be bad if you lost the shine and beauty of your teeth. This can take away the dazzle of your smile completely. Your overall personality then will get affected a lot and it can lower your self-esteem greatly. Anyone can reach this stage for not taking oral care, or for not understanding the ways to maintain the health and magic of their pearly whites. The good thing is, you don’t even have to visit a dentist to achieve healthier and stronger teeth. There are natural ways to try which you can do at home itself and take a right step towards maintaining superior oral health.

If you want your teeth to always remain strong and healthy, brush twice a day with once in the morning and then before hitting the bed. If you don’t floss, start doing it as brushing alone won’t help scrub away foods and plaque and bacteria stuck between your teeth. Flossing can help you keep harmful bacteria away to prevent bad breath and other dental issues. More so, be careful with your diet and focus more on eating fruits, vegetables and items rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium. If you don’t eat right, you may not be able to achieve healthy teeth for sure.

Similarly, your regular diet must include apples, carrots, almonds, cheese, yoghurt, leafy green items, raw nuts and pineapples for healthier teeth. If dental health is important to you, it’s better to cut back on the intake of tea, coffee, wine, soda, colas, fruit juices etc. as they not only leave stain behind but may also weaken your teeth structure considerably. You should also consider drinking a lot of water on a daily basis to prevent dry mouth problem and to stimulate saliva production. Obviously, stop using tobacco in any form, including smoking, as it can lead to tooth decay and gum issues over time.

Further, you are also advised to stay away from acidic foods if you want to minimize the risk of tooth decay and cavity formation. Even if you can’t completely avoid items with acidic content, it still makes sense to take effort to lower the intake and curb the damage to some extent. You are also supposed to use a toothpaste with fluoride content for healthy teeth. Dentists recommend using mouthwash instead of water for rinsing mouth after brushing your teeth. And if possible, change your toothbrush after every two to three months to stop frayed or worn-out bristles from causing damage to your enamel.

More importantly, you must resist the temptation of biting or chewing non-food items else it could leave you with fractured tooth. Don’t use the teeth to open a bottle, or to cut strings or rip open a packet of anything. These can harm your teeth no end. You should brush properly, scrape the tongue daily and focus on reaching to all parts of the mouth for through cleaning. And lastly, you must visit a top best dentist queens NY regularly to spot any problem to your teeth early.

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