Nail polish trends in USA 2020

Nail polish trends in USA 2020

There is no doubt that the right color of nail polish can make your hands look extremely beautiful. Women of all age groups love to paint their nails with exciting colors that go well with their dress color. Many young girls are interested in nail art, which features different nail polish colors. Many new ideas and bold nail polish trends keep coming and going, but only a few sustain for a long time.

The nail polish box should be decorated with exciting colors and designs otherwise;, the brand will lag behind its rivals. The USA's cosmetic industry knows that they have to be trendy and modern, or else they will lose their appeal among customers. If the brands want to stay at the top of the game, they need to catch up with unique and trendy packaging ideas. In this post, we will discuss nail polish trends in the USA in 2020.

True black

Black colored nail polish is back in trend, and many people are choosing it this winter. It features a classic and high gloss dark tone that is hard to beat. The best thing is that this nail color can go well with different outfits and jewelry. It doesn't look very dark as some variations are done in making the nail polish look subtle and elegant. The trend of this nail polish color won't die down anytime soon. Many brands use wholesale nail polish boxes as they are affordable and will give ultimate protection to the nail polish packed inside.

The nail polish is made of liquid, so the quality will deteriorate if it is not preserved well. Most of the girls put their cosmetic products and nail polish in their purse, and if it leaks inside, no one will like to purchase it from the same brand. The cardboard nail polish boxes will give the ultimate safety and protection to the nail polishes. These boxes will not let any harmful elements enter inside and keep it away from moisture, dust, sunlight, and other intense environmental conditions.

Pearlescent Nude

The soft pearl color for the nail polishes is becoming more like a trend in the US. It looks perfect on the nails as it is neutral, but the finishing becomes sheen and silky when combined with a nude shade. The custom nail polish packaging design will give recognition to the brands. They have an option to print the logo of their brand and print pretty photos on the top. It will be easy to print critical information like ingredients and expiry or production date. Consumers want the necessary information about the beauty products they are using. Brands can use vibrant fonts for the logo on the nail polish box and communicate with the female customers.


A deep navy blue nail polish with a pinch of gray looks ethereal. Navy blue is the current trend, while the cold and grey undertone will keep it grounded. It feels serene and vibrant enough to beautify your nails like no other. The blue-gray shade is also being used for manicuring purposes too. The brand makes sure that the box for nail polish should be sturdy and look appealing to the eyes. Females make their purchase decision instantly when they see an attractive packaging design.

Most of the products go unnoticed when they are packed inside dull or boring boxes. If the brands want to gain success, they use UV, matte, and gloss to give the perfect finishes. If you have to deliver the nail polishes to distant locations, cardboard or corrugated materials will be suitable for the boxes. Classic blue happens to be the color of 2020, and they will be represented with a lot of variations all this time.

Hunter Green

The dark green color for the nail polish has become a part of most festivities. It will make your manicure festive and chic, and many young girls are choosing this color nowadays. The color looks subtle and sophisticated, and you have the option to go for an emerald tone or an earthy moss to beautify your nails. The hunter green nail polish color is opaque and glossy in finish, and you can use it for the parties and other important celebrations. Popular brands know the pulse of their targeted customers, making nail polishes of this color quite often. When so many good options are available you can purchase your favorite nail polish easily.


The perfect shade of cinnamon color for the nail polishes is trendy and modern at the same time. There is a combination of red and brown, which looks elegant while the finish on your nails is also neat. The best thing is that the nail polish won't smudge and maintain the perfect outlook for a long time. Brands are using custom nail polish boxes as it helps them increase the sales instantly. If you are looking for unique colored nail polish, it will fit the bill perfectly, and this classy shade of nail polish will grab your attention.

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