Multi-Screen Content Consumption - Infographic

Multi-Screen Content Consumption - Infographic

The increase in multi-screen content consumption is one new challenge for marketers. Technology has transformed the modes of communication with customers and marketers everywhere are rushing and jumping between the devices in an attempt to cut through the noise and clutter.

The Changing Marketing Dynamics

Today, customers have more control over the buying process and marketing has turned into a catch me if you can game. In order to influence customers, it’s not enough to have a good brand story and brand experience, but you must also be present on every new channel. Moreover, marketers are struggling with producing enough content demand to generate leads and traffic. For example, the HubSpot Research revealed that 43% of consumers want to see more video from marketers in the future, while only 29% want to see more blog posts.

Whether its television, desktop or mobile application; customer interaction of every device and viewport must be optimum as it plays an important role in how customers view your brand. For an effective brand story, you must value customer interaction on every viewport to reinforce your brand’s voice.

Multi-Screen Content Consumption- A Blessing in Disguise

Where multi-screen content consumption is a challenge for marketers, it has also brought new opportunities for targeted marketing and advertising. Today, 90% of all media interactions are screen based. Now there are countless platforms and services available to promote brand identity in a cost effective manner. However; for this strategy to work, you must put your efforts in the right direction and stay on top trends as there is no other option than to keep up.

For instance, the increase in data consumption on mobile phones and tablets cannot be overlooked. As per CMO council, the increase in mobile usage is now higher than desktop usage. This means that an optimized mobile website is no longer an option, it’s a must have. And due to this abundance of available devices, users like to shift screens. In this infographic below compiled by GO-Gulf, a web development company Dubai, you can observe that 90% of multiple screen users use multiple screens to accomplish a task over time. So now marketers and business owners must tailor their strategies accordingly as 67% of multi screen shoppers start shopping on one device and complete the purchasing process on another device.

The Future of Multi Screen Content Consumption

The online world is transforming every day helping webs to stay relevant and inspiring. The “internet of things” will also bring new marketing relationships and marketers must be ready to adjust their messages to multiple screen formats. This is why 84% of marketers admit to the fact that a comprehensive multi-screen marketing strategy is essential for success.

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