Most Recent Features Every Luxury Home Must Have

Most Recent Features Every Luxury Home Must Have

As technology progresses and design trends develop, many of us demand and expect for a more beautiful and functional high-tech home. Luxury real estate experts say that this year will be all about bringing forth an extensive combination of high and elegant elements, with strong influences from nature and technology. If you’re ready to tick all the boxes from your list in terms of comfort and amenities that a luxury house needs then read below to find out. Whether those are fancy living space or the latest smart home technology, here are some of the top features every buyer should look for in a modern luxury home in 2018.

Personal Oasis

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Bathrooms with a view are now becoming a trend for every luxury homes where Zen elements are incorporated. Bathrooms with a view make it possible to offer natural lights and a space for relaxation. Whether it’s a luxury apartment or a private house, luxury bathrooms are now intended to be extra spacious and oriented in such a way that homeowners can overlook the skyline as they sit in the tub. Outdated wooden bathroom furniture are replaced with smooth glass surfaces to reflect light and give the impression of a brighter and more open space.

Advanced Kitchen

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Today, it doesn’t matter if you have the fanciest fridge in the world, it won’t look attractive if it’s placed in a cluttered kitchen. Most upscale kitchens are now roomy and well-organized. Luxury homes have plenty of counter space and additional features such as a double oven and an island with bar stools and its own sink.

Large Walk-in Closet

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Cramped and small closets are out! Every luxury residents have a large walk-in closet or also known as dressing suites. These kind of closets are almost as large as a bedroom and contain a vast collection of shoes, clothes, accessories, mirrors, and also a vanity table that serves as an extension of the bedroom. Notable dressing suites even have candle trees, background lights, vintage furniture, and other luxury decorations. This kind of setting has already been started by many celebrities and it will not go away for a long time.

Big Amenities and Entertainment Rooms

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No need to go outside for a workout or go see a movie. Luxury homes almost have everything already inside their home. They have their personal gyms, at-home sauna, libraries, theaters, and soundproof gaming rooms that enable families, friends, and visitors to engage themselves with relaxing and enjoyable activities that are super convenient without leaving home.

Smart Home Technology

With the rise of AI personal assistants and the growing internet of things, modern homes are becoming more advanced. Every modern homeowner as much as possible want to control and easily manage their living spaces, from the temperature to the lighting or to the garage door. Smart home technology allows homeowners to control the functions of their homes using their own voices and remotely from their phones.

Most Up-to-date Security Systems

When you have a big luxurious home, it is normal and vital to protect your home and family. Having a big house is hard to maintain, homeowners can only have a peace of mind when they know what’s going on in their home at all times and they have complete control over it. Indoor and outdoor security cameras are installed, 24/7 monitoring security professionals and alarm systems are provided for every luxury homes.

Luxury homeowners and homebuyers these days look forward to the best customizations, functionalities, convenience, and comfort. Almost all luxury home builders are doing their best to pack their luxury homes with the newest up-to-date technologies as well as their well-designed physical features.

Author bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a daytime writer for Wincrest Bespoke, one of Australia’s outstanding home builders that creates luxury and unique houses like no other. Ivandrea gives out recommendations for exquisite home designs and services.

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