Most Common Benefits Of Using Pneumatic Nailers

Most Common Benefits Of Using Pneumatic Nailers

Are you still waiting to get new pneumatic nailers gun?

Nail guns are a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of task, including framing, roofing and a host of other jobs. These powerful tools are capable of shooting hundreds of nails into a wide range of materials. These materials can include thick concrete blocks to thin wood panels.

If these reasons are not enough for you to start using pneumatic nailers, then here are a few more advantages if you get one nailer for yourself.

#1. Get the job done faster

If you are trying to accomplish the job on your own, then a framing nail gun can allow you to get the job done very quickly. If you have a team of workers, you can easily cut down the man hours or also have multiple jobs happening at the same time. The nail guns are so fast and accurate that you can cut your team in half or more depending on the job undertaken.

#2. Long lasting

This is the type of tool which is built to last long. It can withstand a lot of things from being left out in the rain to falling off a roof to concrete floor. This durability of the nail gun makes it not only a perfect idea but also a smart one.

#3. Keep your fingers safe

When you are driving nails manually, you have to hold nails in a place with your fingers and thumb, which greatly increases the chances of getting the fingers injured.

While it is quite possible to get injured when using a pneumatic nailers gun as well. But these tools are comparatively safer as you will not have to hold the nails with your fingers.

#4. No need to carry nails around

Not only do these tools get the job done faster, but they also eliminate the need for carrying nails around when you are going to places. Yes, the movement is restricted as you are connected to an air compressor and hose, but you will not have to carry around a bucket of nails. If nothing else your tool belt will be much lighter when you are using the pneumatic nailers gun.

#5. Multiple styles

Just like any other tool in the market, you can easily buy a pneumatic nailers gun in various varieties and styles. One of the most popular models is very lightweight and can hold many nails. This type of gun uses a drum loader where you can store hundreds of nails at once. Other styles will feature different methods of firing nails such as bump firing, burst firing and single shot. Even the way in which the nail gun is powered varies like the price. The most popular guns use compressed air to operate while others use battery power or electricity to fire. You can buy any of the nail guns and use it for any project which you want.

#6. More power

Each time a pneumatic nailer gun drives a nail, it does with an equal amount of pressure and force. A nail gun would always be better in the power department as far as the tip of the nail is in position. While you are nailing in the traditional way, it takes two or three hits to get the job done. It takes only a single hit with the use of nail gun.

#7. Cost-effective

Using a nail gun will save you a lot of money as you will not be using extra manpower or wasting nails on a large scale. The job will also be finished faster, so you can take on multiple jobs at a time.

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