Monsoon Gardening and Terrace Design Tips For Rainy Season

Monsoon Gardening and Terrace Design Tips For Rainy Season

Just a few days down the line the scorching sun will make way for the monsoon clouds. The raindrops will come crashing down. This is one of the best times for your little terrace garden when the plants get respite from the heat. Here are some tips which will help you in maintaining your terrace garden this monsoon.

1. Make use of rain water:

Water is priceless and we need to save it. An important part of monsoon gardening is to use the rain water for watering the plants once the rain stops. You can either make small channels in your terrace and collect the water in a tank or just place vessels in the terrace to collect the water.

2. Protecting the fertile soil:

One problem that you face during heavy rains is the loss of fertile soil which is there at the top of the pot. For this you can cover the roof of your open terrace with perforated sheets so that the plants get the rainwater and at the same time the fertile soil is also protected.

3. Rain water as natural sprinklers:

The best way to water the plants is through sprinkling. So, when it is drizzling make sure that your plants enjoy the goodness of these natural sprinklers.

4. Time to introduce new members in your terrace garden:

If you have been planning to introduce some new plants in the terrace garden then monsoon is the best time to do so. It is a time when the roots and the plant as a whole can be nurtured well. But make sure that you provide adequate protection to fragile new saplings.

5. Pruning:

Pruning the plants is very important in monsoons. Keep in mind that different types of plants need to be pruned in different ways. So, make sure that you use the correct method to prune the plants.

6. Drainage:

As adviced by leading terrace garden designers in Delhi proper drainage system is essential for nurtured growth of the plants. If the stagnant water does not get drained, then the roots and the plants can rot. So, it is important that you check if the drainage system is working fine.

7. Find some earthworms:

Earthworms are your garden’s friends. They will help in fertilising the soli naturally and they will also help in the aerating the soil. So if there are few earthworms in your terrace garden then well and good.

8. Covered Terrace Space

From design point of view according to architects in Delhi its always advisable to have a covered sitting on your terrace garden so that you can enjoy the space irrespective of the weather. Covered outdoor structure like a pergola or a gazebo would be a perfect idea. One can go in for retractable roof which gives the option of both a covered as well as open roof.

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