Mobile App Marketing: Start Before Development Ends

Mobile App Marketing: Start Before Development Ends

If you are not a newbie in the app development sector, you have been through the entire tornado of buzz creation, attention seeking, user grabbing and not to set aside the competitive threat. Have you heard the phrase, “Early to rise and early to bed, make a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Probably yes, we all have heard of it. This is something, app marketers should while indulging in marketing. Starting the marketing ahead of time is more beneficial rather than doing it post development. Your marketing flight should take off early which gives you more time, opportunities and knowledge to capture it and invite more users to it.

Just give it a thought, you are planning to buy a new phone, you will ask various persons, check the reviews on different sites, find the one who actually uses it and then buys it. The similar thing for your mobile app development and its marketing as well. The spread of the word, positive reviews and feedback will entice more users to try it. The difficult part here is once installed, it's not going to stay on the phone forever, it can be uninstalled at any time. However, you can’t stop living due to fear of death. So, here are some of the app marketing tactics to live and to survive in the deadly app world.

1) Analyze The Competition

Yes, of course, the primary thing that clicks your head is research about the users and target audience. But, don’t you think, you won’t stand a chance with ample of users along with an excessive amount of competition. No, I am not saying you should not jump in a field where there is competition. All I want to say is jump in the competition pool with your life jacket on or by learning the swimming skills. Check out the list of products and services your competitors are into. Check how can you excel them in their own field. Determine your USP(Unique selling point) and start flashing it. Determine the ways of revenue generation from the app. Also, don’t forget to research on the targeted keywords and different strategies to target them.

2) Press Release and Blogging

Words have power and magic. No wonder content marketing is on a heavy boom. Focus on that, before the app actually hits the Play Store, start marketing it through blogs. If you have your own website, post the blogs there and guest blogging is another way to reach out to a huge section of the audience that can be your potential users. Check out the list of the top websites for guest blogging and reach out to them for your blogs. This can be paid, so be ready to spend some bucks on it as well.

3) Create a Strong Social Profile and Get Social

Social media is undoubtedly a massively influential sector for marketing. The majority of the crowd these days are on social media platforms and using it actively and regularly. Here what you need to do for social media promotion. Build up social profiles for your upcoming mobile app. Grab your existing users and hunt for potential new ones. Build up a strong follower base. Post interesting things about your upcoming app in the most interactive manner. It can be through the blog post, it can be through images or it can also a small yet captivating video. Visuals are the best way to grab user attention these days. Ask them to share their feedback and reviews and comments. Share the beta version of the app with them and ask suggestions for improvement. So, that’s it. Now you are a digital marketing expert.

4) Web for An App

I know your core focus in mobile application development and its promotion. You won’t be finding any point in investing in web development. However, for a change, it does matter and matters a lot. This is a platform you can go for self-promotion all you want. This is the platform to apply all your research on. Keyword placement, blog publication, social sharing, all can be done through your website. You can create a landing page on your site giving an in-depth description of the app and asking to sign up for the trial and yes for free.

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