Mindful marketing, why should your brand apply it

Mindful marketing, why should your brand apply it

Times are changing and, with them, the strategies that you must apply to your brand, this is the case of mindful marketing. It is one of the trends of the year 2020 that invites you to live the present in a conscious way. This takes many companies that were accustomed to working with the distant future out of the comfort zone.

Today, changes are a constant and, therefore, it is necessary to know how to adapt to them. Now, consumers are not only interested in buying a product, they want to know if their investment will be used for a purpose. And if it's about helping the environment through that acquisition, they will feel even better.

This means that companies must focus on what is happening right now. Mindful marketing is the best way to achieve this goal, and it will also help you attract more customers. The idea is to launch innovative proposals that are aimed at solving real problems and can put a grain of sand to improve the world.

Keys to mindful marketing

You certainly cannot overlook mindful marketing in your strategy this year - it would be a serious mistake! You have to side with this conscious generation that thinks about taking care of the environment.

Think that consumers today are more in favour than ever of brands that fight for ethical causes of undisputed value. But if you do not know how to start your strategy, do not worry that the following keys will help you understand a little more:

  • Everyone has to benefit: if you managed to sell and make a conversion it is because the client was sure that with his purchase he is helping in social or ecological initiatives. In short, what they are looking for is that their acquisition has a meaning of value.
  • Initiatives must be intentional: the idea is that this contribution you make to some non-profit organization is from the heart. It is not about doing it just to sell, because people want to see that you do it with real intention.
  • Focus on solving the cause and not just the symptom: the objective is to solve a specific problem, and the best way to do it is to know the cause of it. In this way, you can know where your contribution will have the greatest influence and, thus, try to isolate the origin of the problem.
  • Use emotional intelligence: don't just rely on rational vision. It is important that you interact with emotions. This you must do both collectively and individually since it is something that humanizes the values of your brand more.

Meet the new consumer

In order for you to be successful in your mindful marketing strategy, it is essential that you meet the new consumer. The world is before a generation represented by young people who are interested in helping the environment. And this is the basis for this strategy and the actions of brands.

When speaking of these new consumers, he refers to that group that feels respect for those companies that carry out actions committed to nature and its protection. Today, in many countries, it is common for buyers to be aware that the brand they consume has or forms part of a noble social cause.

In addition, they show great interest when these companies show respect for the environment and animals. It is important to know that this audience grows exponentially since there are more and more people who are adding to awareness.

For this reason, they hope that brands will also support global issues such as ecology, the protection of social or labour rights. They only want all the products and services they consume go hand in hand with their ideals.

Real commitment

One of the keys to mindful marketing is real commitment, and it is so fundamental that this is why you have to know it in depth. This goes beyond showing an image that denotes association, just to see that you collaborate. If you are going to enter this world, you must really do it so that the consumer believes in what you do.

The business sector is often distanced from social realities because it only focuses on profits. Faced with this new era, the corporate social responsibility of brands must also be noted in all the products they offer. Likewise, its values must be oriented to comply with the alignments of this strategy.

In this way, the commitment will be real and will be reflected in positive actions. These will be directed to those causes that the consumer considers that the brand should support. This, in turn, generates stronger ties between the company and the customer, leading to buyer loyalty.

Be an eco-friendly brand

Now you know that your brand should take a different direction, perhaps very different from the one you had planned. And what better way to do it than by joining eco-friendly marketing? It is about aligning the company with respect for nature and with a lifestyle that represents those consumers who are waiting for answers.

Companies, in a way, are already used to the constant changes that occur. What is relevant is that they know how to adapt their strategies around them.

Consumers are now demanding concrete actions that involve modifying their design, planning and manufacturing models. This is the only way to enter the consumer market and not be judged for not meeting current demands.

This process has to take into account even the smallest details in order to satisfy the customer. From the manufacture of the product, materials, packaging, transportation, to the service itself. All these factors are what will help you to be an eco-friendly brand.

Apply mindful marketing to your brand

The time has come to learn how to integrate mindful marketing into your business. To be successful it is essential that you have a good connection with customers. You have to think about what you can contribute to improving the lives of others from your niche.

Thus, your consumers will perceive your effort and desire to add social value to your brand, awakening their interest in your products. But surely you will wonder how you can achieve to please and satisfy this group of clients. It's easy, but it requires a lot of effort, the idea is that you stand out from the rest, you have to be different.

This can take it out by offering proposals that are innovative and environmentally friendly. Also, it is important that you are honest and that the message you convey shows clarity and transparency.

Ideally, through your brand's social proposal, its values and philosophy are reflected. It is about catching the consumer by offering him, precisely, what his ethics demands.

Also, it is essential that you are clear that informing customers is fair and necessary to connect with them. However, if you want to build loyalty, you have to go further and opt for notorious actions. You can do this through messages with valuable content that stand out from the competition.

Another essential aspect is that you fulfil what you promise to your customers and surprise them by offering them more than they expect. You should not forget to ask and listen to your audience for any reason. This fosters a good relationship between brand and customer.

But it is also where you can find the key to success, and thus give solutions to your problems. This not only demonstrates good feedback but also reflects that the company is willing to improve and continue to grow together.

Storytelling as an ally

If you need an ally to carry out your strategy, the one indicated is storytelling. What better way to reach your target audience than by telling the story of your brand. But you have to do it creatively and above all sincerely, so you can connect with your customers.

You can also rely on copywriting, which is nothing more than persuasive writing. Now if you are one of the people who like to talk, then do not hesitate to make a video. This is a very effective way of connecting with consumers since they put a face on the brand.

It is about telling how your company made the decision to join this new universe that values and respects the planet. This will not only help you retain the customers you already have but also attract leads. This can be a great tool to achieve your goals in the short or long term, everything will depend on its effectiveness.

Remember that what matters is the "here and now", and your audacity to face this challenge of the present. Keep in mind that, in order to connect with your customers through this strategy, you must begin to understand consumer habits, as well as consumer behaviour, so that you can offer them what they need.

You already know why you should apply mindful marketing to your brand. But if you still have a concern, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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