MicroStrategy Training – Built for Breakthrough

MicroStrategy Training – Built for Breakthrough

Are you looking for a fresh start for your business? MicroStrategy 2019 – a breakthrough for your business comes with numerous analytics capabilities and features that your organization need right now.

MicroStrategy 2019 is a new class of analytics in itself. It reinforces hyper-intelligence, federal analytics and transformation mobility so that you all can make the most out of your business tools.

So read ahead to figure out how MicroStrategy 2019 brings analytics to 100% of your workforce.


In today’s modern business environment, even the smallest detail can have a significant impact. That’s why Hyper-Intelligence is here for you. This marvelous technology injects insights into the tools, devices, apps, screen and websites, directly.

It offers a natural and familiar way to surface contextual information, real-time KPI and smart user recommendations making it stand above the traditional self-service and analytics recovery tools. MicroStrategy helps organizations realize their efforts to provide AI-driven environment to their workspace with machine learning capabilities, natural language processing, and a complete set of REST APIs, which further integrates with Amazon’s Alexa, image recognition software, chatbots and other apps.

Users can get appropriate insights by just hovering over the highlighted words on the website, in an email and on other web applications, this is all thanks to Cards (a new hyperlink object). You can do all of it without having to learn any special skills or run any report.

By offering insights to more people, your organization can boost its productivity and can get results like never before.

Federal Analytics

MicroStrategy is tailored to endorse you all with trusted analytics whether it’s by accessing business data or by interacting with websites or apps enhance with Hyper-intelligence. Those who rely on Qlik, Tableau, Excel or Power BI including data science and leverage Jupyter or R studio can now become more productive via MicroStrategy’s Federal Analytics.

The robust business index and glossary for all information allow Enterprise Semantic Graph to consolidate dissimilar sources and deliver a single truth version for an organization.

MicroStrategy 2019 allows you the AI-powered experience via contextual and personalized insights and recommendations on which the user can trust.

Transformation Mobility

Nowadays, it’s crucial that organizations put actionable intelligence on the front line. MicroStrategy 2019 offers companies to mobilize information systems, web applications, and business applications, which are trapped on the desktop.

Companies now reshape the idea – how people will work with Mobile productivity and analytics apps built for any business role on iOS and Android phones or tablets.

The mobile apps can be created through:

Mobile Dossiers: build a quick analytic book that renders smoothly on smartphone or tablets

Codeless Drag and drop method: Mobilize existing process, system, or application to create branded mobility apps

Code Customization: Leverage Android SDKs and iOS to expand your content into an existing app by using JavaScript or Xcode

It delivers extraordinary capabilities and empowers businesses to reach a wide range of users.

If you are looking for a breakthrough, 2019 could be your year with a complete MicroStrategy training in USA. This is the right platform for entrepreneurs and job seekers, so which one are you?

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