Mental Exercises To Grasp The Psychology Of Golf Swing

Mental Exercises To Grasp The Psychology Of Golf Swing

Can you tell us is your golf swing more physical or more mental? This is an ongoing debate that what actually drives it; our mind or our physical strength? However, we are not jumping into this debate, here we are only trying to understand the psychology behind the swing.

Confidence Is The Key

We all understand that physical force is just one part of golf swing and the mental part is as important as the physical one. This is downright simple that if a player is not confident while hitting the ball, it is not going to make it at the right spot. Even a slightest of hesitation regarding where to aim, what kind of shot to play, or if a player is not satisfied even remotely about the club they have selected for the shot, the swing will be awkward and results would not be desirable.

This awkwardness will make the ball stop short of the distance it has been aimed to or it may pass the spot and go way beyond. Both cases are not accurate and will end up frustrating the player. One thing is certain aggravation and frustration doesn’t go well when you are playing, that we don’t have to tell.

We are not suggesting that only mental determination works off course your perfect golf posture and other physical aspects are also essential. We are trying to establish that balancing the two is vital to achieve better results.

Mental Exercises

A perfect shot demands complete commitment because only this mental assurance can bring out the confidence. This confidence can in turn guarantees a swing that mechanically sound and is able to provide desired results.

If you ask us about the most important part of this psychology we will tell you that it is to focus on the task at hand and not think about the entire game. Your mind and body need to be relaxed before you take a swing. Forming an image in your mind of how you would like to see the shot happening will help too.

This moment has been described as an out-of-body experience by various golfers. It is unexplainable otherwise because golfers see where the ball should land and it happens as it is. This moment is not same for everyone because for some golfers it is a deciding moment as in where this shot should be played keeping wind speed and direction into mind. They judge the possibilities according to the distance to the target, and if there are any obstacles in the way.

Wrap Up

You can try anyone of these mental exercises, better if you try out both and then decide which one suits you. These will help you with concentration, and relaxation of body and mind. Tension in legs, arms. Or hands hinders smooth swing which is obvious.

You need to realize that faulty shots are a part of game too, if your previous shot was not up to the mark try to put it out of your mind before the next shot.

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